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Your First New Year’s Eve as a Birth Mother in an Open Adoption

The coming of a New Year signifies new beginnings. People all around the world use the holiday as an opportunity to make resolutions and goals for the next chapter of their lives. Your first New Year’s Eve as a birth mother in an open adoption is the closing of the year, but also the door opening to a whole new page in your new family’s book. 

This year has been a stressful one for all of us, and we are more than happy to see it come to a close. But, despite the chaos of the year 2020,  beautiful moments were created when we needed them the most. Families were made, new traditions were introduced, and we have become even closer with our loved ones even with the social distancing.

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Here are some things that you and your new adoptive family can do to ring in the new year.

1. Plan a Virtual or Phone Celebration

Never before have we ever longed or wanted to be together with loved ones like we have now. The holidays and especially the new year are the celebratory times we want them around. But, thankfully, technology provides us with some options.

Birth mothers and their adoptive families can coordinate a time or date to set aside where they can come together and celebrate. Video chatting or a quick talk on the phone to exchange thankfulness with each other is a perfect way to keep safe and still bring the new year in!

2. Talk with Your Baby and Your Adoptive Family about the Future

The coming new year is a full 365 days of tomorrows we have never seen before. Together, they can and will be filled with nothing but prosperous days. Talking to your child and your adoptive family on what they want to do next year starts the conversation on what they would like to achieve and do together. Getting some input from them and adding your own bridges all your ideas. 

Having that open communication where everyone is allowed to speak and share their thoughts set a precedent for the whole year. Doing this also helps both you and your adoptive family to help follow a potential itinerary or blueprint for the coming new year! Throwing some plans and ideas makes things easier for both families to choose to collaborate on. 

3. Ask Your Baby and Your Adoptive Family about What Happened this Year

When we set our sights on the future, we must also reflect on the past. This past year has been a crazy one for all of us. Talking and asking questions of what they thought about it is another chance to open a discussion and get their thoughts. On top of that, you also can exchange a dialogue of how grateful you all are for having the privilege of still being together. There is also an opportunity there where you can turn it into a game!

Let everyone share what they are happy for this year, next, have them share what they will remember the most about the past year as well. Reflection is a chance to count our blessings and remember what is important to us. 

Adoption Birth Mothers Making New Year’s Resolutions!

As cliche as it may seem, resolutions are the most popular tradition of going into the new year. Birth mothers sometimes have to sacrifice so much and devote time away from themselves to the point it can become overwhelming. With the new year coming in though, it is a chance to rededicate yourself to past endeavors that you thought you may never have time for again. You can make a resolution to pick back up on your education or learn that trade or skill you’ve been wanting to practice for so long!

Sharing these goals and future plans with your family gets them involved and aware of what you want to do with your time. They will be so appreciative that you shared them and may even want to help get you to those goals as well. It becomes a family affair where everyone can join in and help each other in reaching those resolutions. You work together and you succeed together.

Even though this may be your first New Year’s Eve as a birth mother in an open adoption, it is surely not the last. The world may change around you, but the love for your baby and the family that has been given to her or him will not. 

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