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You Are in Control of Your Missouri Adoption Plan

 By Kelly Felix

No matter who you are or what your plan in life is, an unexpected pregnancy can derail some of the best-laid plans. Wherever you thought your path in life was going, that path has suddenly changed on you without any warning. Choosing adoption and making a Missouri adoption plan is a way for you to take back control of your unexpected pregnancy. By choosing adoption in the first place, you are taking control of the situation so that you and your baby can both have a better chance at life.

While there are many benefits of creating an adoption plan through our adoption agency in Missouri, the most important aspect of making an adoption plan is that it puts you, the birth mother, in control. You are the one choosing to place your baby for adoption, so you should be the one in the driver’s seat. That is why Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for you. We value our birth mothers and want to make sure that your voice is heard when making such major, life-changing decisions.

You Can Help Take Control of Your Unexpected Pregnancy by Making Your Own Adoption Plan

 There are many different reasons why you may be considering choosing adoption. A lot of those reasons are usually something that makes you feel like you have little to no control over your life or your current situation.

Some reasons that may make you feel helpless or powerless over your situation could be if:

  • You are still in school and feel that you are too young to have a baby.
  • You are an adult who already has a family and cannot afford the money and time that raising another child would require.
  • You are considering adoption because you are in jail or homeless and simply do not have the means to take care of a baby.
  • You may be trying to get out of an abusive relationship that is not a safe environment for your baby.

Whatever the reason that you are choosing adoption is, the important thing to remember is that you are doing this for the benefit of both you and your baby. You are doing this so that each of you can have a better life. By choosing adoption, you are taking back control. Now you can really take charge of your own adoption by making your adoption plan.

The Top 4 Ways Birth Mothers in Missouri Are in Control of Their Adoption Plan 

1. Choosing adoption is your decision to begin with

Remember, you should never feel like you are being pressured or forced into making such a huge and important decision. Adoption is all about consent, and choosing adoption should always be your decision in the first place.

2. You get to decide what type of adoption is the best fit for you

There are three main types of adoption: open, closed, or semi-open adoption. What type of adoption you choose determines what level of involvement you will have in your baby’s life moving forward. Although our adoption agency offers all three types of adoption, we strongly encourage open adoption because we believe that it is the adoption option that keeps everyone’s best interests at heart.

3. You can choose which adoptive family you want to place your baby for adoption with

You get to choose the adoptive family and decide which adoptive family criteria are important to you. Close your eyes and picture the adoptive family with whom you would like to place your baby. Do you see a single-parent adoption, or do you see a two-parent home? Do you picture any siblings? Would you consider LGBTQ+ adoptive parents or a transracial adoptive family? These are all different factors to consider when selecting an adoptive family, and you have the opportunity to decide which ones are important to you.

4. You get to make your own adoption hospital birth plan

There are so many things to consider when making your adoption hospital birth plan. Do you want to be able to hold your baby after you give birth? Are there any special comfort items or important things like any medications that you will need someone to bring to you in the hospital? Do you want the birth father or the adoptive family to be able to visit you in the delivery room? Please be aware that there may be some COVID-19 restrictions in place regarding visitors at the hospital.

What If You Do Not Want to Be Involved When Placing Your Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri?

 You may be asking yourself a few questions like, why do I even need to make an adoption plan? Isn’t that the whole point of choosing an adoption agency so that I don’t have to do everything myself? What if I find these decisions too difficult to make and don’t want to be involved?

Although, yes, our adoption specialists are absolutely here and ready to help guide you through every step in making your adoption plan, there are some things you must decide for yourself. For example, you must decide what type of adoption you would like. You must decide how involved you want to be in your baby’s life, both during the adoption process and post-placement afterward. But we are here to handle the decisions you don’t want to and don’t have to make.

For other options like picking out the adoptive family, you can always choose not to choose. We understand that choosing adoption is not the easiest decision to make, and having to decide on things like which family to place your baby with can feel very emotional and overwhelming. That is why all of our adoptive families in our family portfolios must undergo a rigorous home study test: so that your baby will be placed into a safe and loving home, whether or not you handpick the adoptive family yourself.

If You Are a Pregnant Woman Considering Putting Your Baby Up for Adoption, Call Our Adoption Agency Today for Unexpected Pregnancy Help

 No matter how in control of your Missouri adoption plan you do or don’t want to be, please do not hesitate to contact our adoption agency as soon as possible. Even if you are not yet sure that adoption is the right choice for you, our adoption specialists are ready and waiting to help you explore all of your options and find the right answers. Call us today so that we can get started working for you as soon as possible. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can start helping you navigate your adoption journey.

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