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What If I Don’t Want Any Adoption Support?

By Nicholas Rodinos

Every birth mother has their needs regarding counseling and support, some need it, and others don’t need any support. Counseling and support are not mandated. If you feel you do not require them, that is your decision. It’s fine if you feel you do not need support. However, there can be drawbacks to avoiding support. Adoption support and counseling are available even if you don’t want or need them.

Adoption Choices of Missouri will assist birth mothers worrying about unplanned pregnancies, whether it’s through counseling, financial support, or housing. We provide multiple forms of adoption support throughout Missouri for all types of birth mothers for free. Our staff of adoption professionals provides birth mothers with the incredible emotional support, compassion, and patience they need. Please contact one of our offices if you have questions about adoption support or creating an adoption plan.

Adoption Financial Support Is Here for You

If you are eligible, our adoption agencies provide financial support for birth mothers dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. This includes covering their rent, utilities, and medical expenses. This form of financial support can be vital for many birth mothers who can’t work while pregnant. Adoption agencies in Missouri can provide support if you are unable to work or cannot find work. This financial support will last one month after your baby’s birth, it may help in your time of need.

Adoption Medical Care

Part of adoption in Missouri, is the medical care provided, to ensure the health of you and your child. Our Missouri adoption agencies provide free pre- and post-natal care resources for multiple birth mothers in crisis. We check the blood pressure, heart rate, and diet of birth mothers to determine the health of their children. Our medical care is provided free of charge, to verify the health of birth mothers and their children.

Adoption Postnatal Care

While you may not want postnatal care from our adoption agency, it is vital that you receive post-natal care. Postnatal care checks your blood pressure and heart rate after giving birth to determine your health. Please seek some form of post-natal care even if it’s not from one of our adoption agencies. It’s important that you receive the necessary care to ensure your health and your happiness.

Adoption Housing Will Be Available

Many birth mothers need some form of housing, either due to abusive relationships, or wanting a judgment-free environment. Adoption agencies near you can provide safe, clean housing so that you have one less thing to worry about. Adoption agencies in Missouri also help birth mothers pay their rent and utilities, so they have less stress. Housing is a vital service we provide to birth mothers in need of shelter, security, privacy, and understanding.

You May Not Need Adoption Housing

You may not need housing; you may have your own house or apartment that you can live in. Maybe you have family, friends, or a significant other who can provide you with safe shelter. Missouri adoption agencies will still provide housing to birth mothers in crisis, even if they don’t need it. It’s great if you don’t need housing, adoption agencies only provide it for those who do.

Adoption Counseling Is Always Available

Some birth mothers don’t want or feel like seeking post-adoption counseling, but there can be risks to avoiding counseling. Adoption agencies near you still have counselors available who can listen if there’s anything you need to discuss. Missouri adoption counselors provide multiple forms of therapy to match your specific needs regarding post-adoption grief and guilt. If you need to combat your grief alone, that’s perfectly fine, it’s essential to cope in your way.

Adoption Grief

Many birth mothers who avoided counseling reported feelings of grief that negatively impacted their lives and ability to work. You may not feel guilty about your Missouri adoption, however, post-adoption grief can still affect and influence your life. Post-adoption grief can manifest randomly and interfere with your life, even if you feel at peace. If you begin to feel the effects of post-adoption grief, please don’t hesitate to contact our nearest adoption agency.

Missouri Adoption Agencies Are Here If You Need Them

The adoption process is different for every birth mother, some need plenty of support and others are less dependent. Our agency’s resources will still be available whether you need them, or some other birth mother needs them. Some resources are more vital than others and counseling is highly recommended if post-adoption grief manifests. We don’t wish to force this support onto you, we simply want to discuss its importance for birth mothers.

If you are seeking adoption information, please contact Adoption Choices of Missouri, and our agency will assist you. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency, dedicated to helping birth mothers in crisis across our state. We provide housing, financial assistance, pre- and post-natal care, transportation, rent, utilities, birth planning, adoption planning, and post-adoption counseling. Le ayudaremos con la adopción de bebés y podemos brindarle apoyo psicológico, financiero, alimentario, de transporte y de vivienda. Please contact one of our adoption agencies if you have questions or need immediate support.