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What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Missouri Adoption

By Jacob LaBau

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand what it takes to navigate through the adoption process. It can be difficult to put your baby up for adoption. But with a proper adoption plan in place, we can help you make this process go smoothly. You will be in full control of choosing your child’s adoptive family. As a birth mother, you get the final say in every decision! So, contact an adoption specialist at your local adoption agency and get started today! Let’s look at your options and what birth mothers want you to know about the adoption process.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption, it is not too late to consider adoption. There are several resources Adoption Choices of Missouri can offer to reduce the stress of adoption. Adoptive families are waiting at our adoption agency for you to handpick them. Once you have created your adoption plan, your birth parent counselor or adoption specialist will bring you family profiles. After that, it will be up to you how you will decide if there are any prospective families capable of raising your child. Let’s look at your options and what birth mothers want you to know about the adoption process.

First Steps Toward a Successful Adoption

Starting an adoption plan is always the most challenging part for a birth mother. It is a lot of hard work that will keep you busy for months. Well, that hard work falls on us at Adoption Choices of Missouri. The only thing we need you to do is locate adoption agencies near me and contact an adoption specialist. The adoption specialist will walk you through each adoption process step at the initial meeting. The first talk will seem overwhelming, so do not be afraid to address any concerns and ask questions. This is also the person that will assist you in creating your adoption plan. Communicate your financial needs, what kind of adoptive families you would like to look at, the level of openness with the family and child, and a post-placement communication plan.

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know about Financial Assistance

Put together a financial budget with your birth parent counselor. Coordinate how much financial help you can receive based on your current living expenses. Living expenses can include rent and utilities, food, transportation, groceries, and more. The amount of financial assistance will vary depending on the birth mother’s situation. For instance, a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy while living on her own in Missouri is eligible to receive a lot of financial support. Your adoption specialist will work with you towards meeting your financial needs the best way we can. Financial assistance is granted to birth mothers for up to six weeks after delivery, so we at Adoption Choices of Missouri have an eye on your future too!

Adoptive Family Selection Process

Selecting the right adoptive family is an important decision for the birth mother. If giving a baby up for adoption, there are many things to consider when choosing the right family. Let your adoption specialist help you narrow that list down to meet some of the prospective families waiting for you!

Read some of their stories at Adoption Choices of Missouri, or let your adoption specialist bring you the profiles of the families. The adoption specialist will schedule face-to-face meetings with the adoptive families whenever you may be available! We understand how difficult pregnancy is and can even have the families come to the comfort of your own home. Discuss your requirements for anything you need from an adoptive family, such as location, religious beliefs, and generosity to your adoption specialist. This is your decision. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for you to make the adoption process easier!

Post-Placement Communication Plan

Once you have found the right family for your child, there are ways to control the communication between you and the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist will inform you of the various ways to keep in touch with your child as he/she grows up. But, again, this decision is entirely up to the birth mother. So, take control of your adoption plan and contact Adoption Choices of Missouri today!

There are three types of post-placement communication plans to choose from. The first is open adoption, where the birth mother has access to identifying information such as names and phone numbers. In addition, the family will contact the birth mother to share photos, letters, or even phone calls. The second kind of adoption is a semi-open adoption. Finally, information about the child is shared through a shared party such as Adoption Choices of Missouri.

Although there are semi-open adoption options where the family will have some pre-birth face-to-face meetings before the baby is born, it all depends on the agreement between you and the adoptive family. The last option is a closed adoption, where the birth mother and family may never meet. Closed adoptions are not commonly practiced, but the option is still available depending on your wants and needs throughout the adoption process. All this information is a lot to take in, and the adoption process is complicated. Stay calm, remember why you decided to pursue adoption, and realize that you have control! Find adoption agencies near me to determine if adoption in Missouri is possible for you!

Create the Perfect Delivery Environment

Surround yourself with people who care about you when delivering the baby. The birth of a child is a magnificent moment for everyone involved. Choose a +doctor that is proactive about your requests and maintain a good relationship with them. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, get on top of this.

Pregnancy is a strenuous experience that comes with a lot of physical pain. We understand how physically and emotionally demanding pregnancy can be. Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you apply for Medicaid to soothe your financial worries. Appropriate medical care and attention will be given to you throughout your pregnancy. Adoption specialists will be there to provide any other assistance on medical expenses.

If there are still costs to be paid, the adoptive family can step in to provide additional financial support. You will also get to choose the name of the baby. There are no boundaries regarding visitations between you and your child while in the hospital. Once you feel ready to return home, the adoption specialist will ask you for your final say on giving your baby up for adoption. The child will then be sent home with the adoptive family. Hopefully, this information encourages you to pursue an adoption plan and alleviates any fear about pregnancy.

What Birth Mothers Want You to Know About Adoption

Adoption agencies in Missouri have well-equipped adoptive families that can raise your child. Adoption Choices of Missouri will help the birth mother with various resources, including financial support, medical expenses, and post-placement communication plans. Let Adoption Choices of Missouri handle the adoption responsibilities while you try to relax. You can look back on this decision at the end of everything and know that it was the right one for your child. If you consider adoption and would like to learn more about adoption agencies in Missouri, check out Adoption Choices of Missouri Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800