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What are the Adoption Services Available with Adoption Choices of Missouri? 

By Samantha Bradley

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming, bringing on emotions and uncertainties for pregnant mothers. Adoption is a solution that prioritizes the well-being of both you, the birth mother, and your child. As you think through the options for unplanned pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Missouri, a licensed and reputable local adoption agency, is here to support you and guide you, offering a range of services to assist you in the adoption process.

Understanding the Emotions Behind Adoption

Adoption is a deeply personal and emotional journey for everyone involved — the mother, the baby, and the adoptive parents. When considering adoption, you may find yourself experiencing conflicting emotions such as grief, loss, and hope. Adoption Choices of Missouri understands the complexity and sensitivity of adoption and approaches each case with the highest empathy and understanding. Our commitment to providing a supportive and nurturing environment ensures that you feel heard and respected throughout the adoption process. 

Services Provided by Our Adoption Agency

1. Counseling and Support 

Our agency understands the complex decision-making process involved in giving a child up for adoption. Once you match with one of our counselors, you will receive personalized support and a compassionate guide through every step of the adoption journey. Counselors at our agency are here to listen, give advice, and ensure that you feel empowered in your decisions throughout the entire adoption process.

2. Creating an Adoption Plan

After going over options for unplanned pregnancy, you can create an adoption plan with a counselor. This requires careful consideration — after all, you want your baby to go to the right home. Fortunately, our agency will help you consider and develop a customized adoption plan that aligns with your preferences and goals. From selecting the adoptive family to determining if you’d like an open, closed, or semi-open adoption, our team facilitates the process and incorporates your wishes into the overall plan. 

3. Financial Assistance

When you decide you want to put your baby up for adoption, you may be worried about how to juggle finances while being pregnant. In fact, this is one of the biggest concerns for pregnant mothers. Our agency offers financial assistance for birth mothers, including rent, groceries, transportation, medical costs, and more to ease any financial strain. 

4. Legal Guidance

Navigating adoption laws and regulations in Missouri can be daunting, especially for those unfamiliar with the legal intricacies. Our agency has a team of counselors who are well-versed in Missouri adoption laws. Counselors can give comprehensive legal advice, ensuring that all legal requirements are met before you give birth. This is especially helpful if you match with adoptive parents who live out of state.

5. Post-Placement Support

Once you’ve chosen your adoptive family and given birth, our agency will still be there to assist you. Your counselor will help you stay in touch with your adoptive family, depending on the level of openness you’ve decided to have with your adoption, as well as be there to listen to any of your concerns. Our agency will also cover pregnancy-related expenses for up to six weeks after your birth.

Our Adoption Success Stories

Adoption Choices of Missouri takes pride in our successful adoption stories. With a success rate that speaks volumes about our dedication and expertise, they have facilitated countless successful adoptions, bringing joy and fulfillment to both birth mothers and adoptive families alike.

One birth mother, Kelly, shares her experience: “A close friend told me about Adoptions Choices. She had gone through the adoption experience and said so many wonderful things. She shared her story with me about when I got pregnant, so I contacted them. They were there for me whenever and listened to everything. They made me feel good about it and supported everything that I wanted through the process.”

Another testimonial from Des shows the life-changing power of our adoption services. She states, “I can honestly say that because of working with this office and the support system they have set up for birth mothers, I was able to completely transform and change my life.” 

Meet Our Adoption Team

At the heart of our agency lies a team of dedicated professionals committed to serving birth mothers and adoptive families with integrity and compassion. Led by experienced adoption specialists, our team has a deep understanding of adoption in Missouri. Led by our enthusiastic executive director, Amy Bryant, our counselors are trained to support you, offer personal and legal advice, and set you and your baby up for success.

Adoption Choices of Missouri stands as a pillar of support for birth mothers seeking pregnant help. With our counselors and wide range of services, we can give you everything you need to complete the adoption process with confidence. Going through with your pregnancy and birth doesn’t have to be done alone — that’s why we’re here for you during every step of your adoption journey, empowering you and sending your baby to the perfect home.