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The Effects of Adoption on Birth Mothers

By Julian Burgos

Adoption can have varying effects on the mental health of birth mothers who decide they want this path for their baby. Before we dive into how adoption affects birth mothers, we need to understand what adoption is. 

Webster’s dictionary defines adoption as “the action or fact of legally taking another’s child and bringing them up as one’s own.” As a birth mother, this means you are deciding that someone else will raise your child after you finalize the legal process. 

Of course, this can take a toll on your mental health and even end up in you grieving the adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency ready to share how adoption affects birth mothers and resources to help you.

The Emotional Impact of Adoption on Birth Mothers

Birth mothers who are considering adoption should know about the emotional impact this decision can bring. Adoption is a great way to ensure that your child has the opportunity to have a more fulfilling life. There’s nothing wrong with accepting that your baby can have more opportunities with another family who can provide for them. What you should know is how this decision will affect your emotional well-being. Adoption can lead to feelings of grief and guilt. Your baby will be with a family that can provide love, safety, and stability. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t grieve this loss. 

It’s completely normal to go through the stages of grief when you put your baby up for adoption. You can also have feelings of guilt, and this is normal as well. As a birth mother, you might be thinking you made the wrong decision for your child. This is not the case because you provided your baby the opportunity to have a family that can provide for their basic needs. Some birth mothers feel relief after the adoption is complete, and this is just as common as the other emotions we’ve discussed.

Adoption can have all kinds of emotional challenges for birth mothers, and it’s common for birth mothers to go through periods of depression. Letting go of your child is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. Depression is a completely normal experience to go through during this time, and luckily there are ways to manage it.

Coping Strategies to Help During the Post-Adoption Process

There are different resources you can use to help you during the post-adoption phase of the adoption process. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers counseling to all birth parents that use our services. We understand how difficult this process can be, so we have professionals who can help you process your emotions in a safe environment. 

Birth mothers who are considering adoption or have already completed the adoption process can benefit from therapy as well. Therapy can be a great resource and outlet to express yourself with a licensed professional who can help you process your adoption. 

Creative outlets can also serve as a way to express yourself and the emotions you’re feeling. Art, music, and writing can be wonderful ways to process emotions you might feel like grief, guilt, sadness, or sorrow. 

Open Adoption as an Option for Adopted Children in Missouri  

Birth mothers who are thinking about “how to give a baby up for adoption” can also consider open adoption for their children. An open adoption gives birth mothers the option of maintaining a relationship with their children. Rather than cutting off contact completely with a closed adoption, an open adoption allows birth mothers to know about their children’s whereabouts. 

You can choose the level of contact you want with your child when you speak with an adoption professional from our agency. Open adoptions have been shown to be beneficial in a child’s development and overall sense of identity. Your child won’t have to wonder who their adopted parents are or about their origins.

Resources to Help You During Your Adoption Journey

Your adoption doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. Thousands of birth parents are helped by adoption agencies every year in the United States. If you’ve searched for “adoption agencies near me,” you’re sure to find a local adoption agency near you with Adoption Choices of Missouri. We have adoption centers throughout the entire state that are prepared to help you with open arms. 

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we’re here to help. Our agency can help you create your own adoption plan that is specified to fit your needs and those of your baby. Please contact our agency and schedule a meeting with one of our experienced adoption staff. The first step is deciding that adoption is the road you want to take, and the next,t you can leaveit  to us.