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Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Birth Parent

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Birth Parent

By Julian Burgos

If you’re a birth parent that has recently completed the process of adoption, you’ll want to know your basic parental rights and responsibilities. The adoption process can become complicated and contain many different variables. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to guide you on this journey and provide you excellent adoption care. Our adoption specialists can help you navigate your adoption journey but we encourage you to consult with a lawyer as well. 

An adoption lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of adoption law and ensure that you know exactly what your rights are. In most adoption cases, the birth parents relinquish their parental rights to the adoptive family. It’s incredibly important to understand this relinquishing of parental rights before agreeing to any parental agreement. 

The Rights Termination of an Adoption Agreement

When you enter an adoption agreement, you’re terminating your parental rights and granting an adoptive family custody of your child. There are of course different conditions in every agreement, such as the level of contact you’ll have with your baby. 

However, it’s important to understand that your child is legally not yours anymore after both parties reach an agreement. This doesn’t mean that they are biologically not yours anymore. You and your child will always share a special connection no matter what your circumstances are. However, in the language of adoption law, custody now belongs to the adoptive family. 

Once you terminate your parental rights, the law will view your baby as the son or daughter of their adoptive parents. This can be difficult to accept but it is the reality of an adoption agreement and what it entails. 

Open Adoption and Semi-open Adoption Agreements 

Despite you relinquishing custody of your child to an adoptive family, you can still form other arrangements in the adoption agreement. You won’t have custody of your child anymore, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any contact with them. Birth parents and adoptive parents can reach an agreement on the level of contact you will have with your baby. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can provide you with a private adoption service and help you find the perfect adoptive parents for your child. We have adoptive parents who are willing to have an open adoption agreement with birth parents, as well as semi-open agreements. You will have the freedom of deciding how much contact you’ll have with your baby as they continues to grow in their new family. Whether it be through photos, videos, letters, or occasional face-to-face meetings, we can help you with these arrangements. 

The Importance of Consulting with an Adoption Expert

Every state in the US has unique laws relating to adoption. For the state of Missouri, a child must be at least 48 hours old before a birth parent can consent to an adoption. 

There also needs to be a home study done for the adoptive parents by a licensed social worker. This home study ensures that your baby will be in a home that is suitable for their specific needs. It’s because of these reasons that we strongly recommend that you speak with an adoption professional or lawyer. An experienced professional can help you navigate through this entire process and thoroughly explain everything. We don’t advise you to go through with any kind of agreement before consulting with a licensed expert of adoption law. If you’ve been searching for a “home study for adoption near me,” our agency can connect you with a licensed social worker.

The adoption process can be an extensive but rewarding experience for birth parents. Once you have accepted that you want an adoption for your child, our agency will guide you through all the necessary steps. After your pregnancy and your consent to the adoption is finalized, your adoption is complete. 

However, we still offer our services to birth parents even after the adoption is finalized. We know that adoption can be a difficult process for birth mothers, so our counseling services are available post-adoption. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri for More Adoption Information

Adoption is a rewarding and life changing journey, but we know it can be complicated. We hope that you are more informed on the specific rights that you have as a birth parent when you enter your adoption journey. Researching the right adoption information is important and will prepare you for all the specific variables that come with adoption. Before you proceed with any adoption agreement, you’ll want to know where your parental rights end and how semi-open agreements influence those rights. 

If you are considering adoption for your baby, please contact any of our agencies in the Missouri area. We have offices across the state with specialists that can help you finalize an adoption in Missouri and form your adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Missouri will help you with your planned or unplanned pregnancy and find a home for your baby.