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You can Choose Adoption in Missouri

You can Choose Adoption in Missouri

By Manuel Serritos

Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be unwelcome, especially depending on where you are. This news can happen at a time when a pregnancy is the last thing you would have expected to happen. You may have found out when you are still in school or progressing towards your career. Furthering yourself when facing the possibility of becoming a parent might make things more difficult. Becoming a parent is something many people might just not be ready for due to the events going on in their life. If you are at this point, know you have options with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Deciding to choose adoption 

“How far along in my pregnancy do I have to be to consider adoption?” This might be one initial question you may have when searching for how to give a baby up for adoption. For adoptions in Missouri, working with an adoption agency near you can be considered any time you are pregnant. As long as the child has not been delivered, an adoption plan can still be set in place. The only limitation that comes with adoption agencies in Missouri is if your child has already been delivered. 

In cases where delivery has happened, a birth mother is given 72 hours to give their baby up for adoption. Birth mothers have the right to do this as it is protected under the Safe Baby Haven Law. If this option is considered, Adoption Choices of Missouri will come to meet you to pick up the baby. This process leaves you 100% confidential, and no questions are asked. Birth mothers are treated with respect and dignity, as giving up their child for adoption is an act of love.

Only if you feel comfortable can you even help set up an adoption plan for your baby. Parenting a newborn might be a responsibility you realize you are not ready for until it happens. If that is the case, we are here to help support your decision. Deciding to become a parent is not a simple decision. This decision can be made even more tangible once the reality of the situation sets in with the newborn. 

Aside from adoptions that take place after delivery, you get to choose the adoption process that works best for you. Choosing Adoption Choices of Missouri in the early stages of pregnancy can help birth mothers with various resources. 

Resources and choices are given when choosing adoption 

If you are considering adoption in Missouri and what it can do to help you know we are there to help you. No matter the stage of your pregnancy, assistance will be given to any birth mother in need. We will provide you with any resources you may need during the initial stages of the adoption process. Some of the resources include food, rent, clothing, phone service, and financial and medical assistance. An unplanned pregnancy can be something you are not financially prepared for, but we can help make this time easier. 

Your choices are at the heart of choosing an adoption plan. When deciding what option is best with your adoption counselor, you make the important choices. Depending on how comfortable you are, you may choose to have a role in your child’s life after adoption. We offer open adoptions if you want to go down this route. With open adoptions, you will get to choose your child’s new adopted family. This option lets you know your child will be raised by a verified family you trust. Open adoptions even allow you to have contact with your child through occasional meet-ups and status updates. This choice will allow you to have a set role in your child’s life without the responsibility of being a parent. 

Choosing adoption in Missouri

For some birth mothers, seeing their child with another family may be a situation that might be too painful to experience. In this case, we do also offer semi-open and closed adoptions. With these forms of adoption, you will only get limited to no information about your child and their family. This option allows you to create distance from the pregnancy experience if needed. 

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, know that your pregnancy can be an opportunity for both you and your child. Private adoption is not just giving up your child. It gives them a loving start with their adopted family they might not be able to get otherwise. It can provide you with the resources you need to continue furthering yourself. Adoption Choices of Missouri can give you and your baby a solid start. Choosing adoption is an act of love for all those involved, regardless of when it happens. 

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