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Will My Local Adoption Agencies in Missouri Provide Counseling or Therapy for Me?

Will My Local Adoption Agencies in Missouri Provide Counseling or Therapy for Me?

Suffering from mental disorders is a human trait that millions of people suffer from every day, including those part of the adoption process. There are even mental disorders that birth mothers suffer from during their pregnancy caused by just being pregnant such as postpartum depression. Then if you are putting your baby up for adoption due to an unplanned pregnancy, you can still suffer from postpartum or, more often, “post-placement depression.” As an agency, we will never understand what you are going through mentally, but we are here for you and can assist you with such mental setbacks. 

We are a local adoption agency in Missouri helping birth mothers who are considering giving their baby up for adoption. With a qualified license, we have the best adoption service to help those that use our services. 

I am putting my baby up for adoption, but I suffer from body dysmorphia. Can I get help from my adoption agency?

If you suffered from a mental disorder prior to becoming pregnant during your pregnancy, you would have to face the same hardships. During pregnancy, a woman usually glows, which you will as well, but mentally you might be suffering. Body dysmorphia is a common mental disorder that many members of society are not familiar with, including your family members probably. If they are not aware, we understand if you are nervous to tell them, but support is a factor that plays a part in helping you fight such a disorder. We can support you more than enough as your adoption agency. If you need to explain what Body dysmorphia is to anyone, tell them it is a mental disorder that affects your outlook of how you view your body. For example, instead of seeing your body as a beautiful temple, you notice a flaw in your weight. Eventually, you become obsessive over it, which can cause you to become extremely sick due to lack of intake. 

First, we would like to say you are beautiful the way you are, and our words might not mean much, but it is the truth. We will never judge you based upon your appearance, and your outside is as beautiful as your insides. Since you are pregnant, it is extremely important that you receive help for such a mental disorder when it pertains to your pregnancy. As a pregnant woman, you are not only feeding yourself but your baby as well, which makes you “feeding for two,” as people like to say. Nutrition is a must, but as your adoption agency, we understand dealing with body dysmorphia is a process, and it is already noble that you notified us of such. To be clear, we can definitely provide you with therapy in the form of dealing and coping with your mental disorder. Unfortunately, there is no cure, so it all weighs down on you to face and confront your disorder head-on during and after your adoption process. We can support you during your entire pregnancy with therapy free of charge. 

Can I receive post-placement therapy from my adoption agency after my baby is born?

Absolutely. Adoption Choices of Missouri has witnessed many cases of birth mothers facing mental setbacks due to their baby no longer being in their care. It is normal because your baby has been in your womb for nine months, and you have built a bond with them. Feeling the kicks and knowing a human being is actually growing inside of you will induce feelings. It is a beautiful sight, but when your baby is born, you come to realize that your child will not be in your care when it dawns upon you. Don’t feel worthless or like a bad mom because you made the best decision for your baby, which is honorable of you. 

If you decide to take advantage of our services, you can seek therapy from us without any cost to us at all. Post-placement depression can be triggered at any moment during your life, right after your baby is born, weeks or months later, or a year later. There is no timestamp which is why we are open to offering therapy at any point in time. 

As An Adoption Agency in Missouri, We Can Help You During Your Unplanned Pregnancy

We can support and assist if you are a teen, young adult, or older adult. During a time of need, if you are planning to put your baby up for adoption, we have a multitude of offered services that come in different forms. If you have any questions or concerns about adoption in MO, call us, text, or message us through our portal. We have a 24/7 service time loop which means you will have an answer in less than a couple of hours. Come to us and become part of our family!

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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