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What Will People Think if I Give my Baby up for Adoption?

What Will People Think if I Give my Baby up for Adoption?

One of the biggest challenges for birth mothers like you choosing adoption is the stigma around adoption. Even the phrase “giving up” implies that you are giving up on your child somehow. What people may not see, however, is the reasons why an adoption is your best option. It is a positive outcome of a teen pregnancy or an unplanned pregnancy. It also helps you know that your child will continue to be safe. The adoptive families as well are thrilled to have the opportunity to have a child. While it is understandable to be concerned about stigma, here are a few reasons why we at Adoption Choices of Missouri think adoption could be for you.

You Aren’t Really Giving Baby up for Adoption

Let’s face it, the phrase “giving my baby up for adoption” doesn’t sound charitable. But it’s not only uncharitable, it’s also misleading. You aren’t giving your baby up; you’re giving them an opportunity to be with a family that has the resources to take care of them. The adoptive family certainly isn’t giving up anything either: they have the opportunity to have the child they have dreamed of. It’s a win-win scenario for both families.

We understand that it’s tough to worry about what other people think, but also remember that some of their concerns come from their lack of knowledge about adoption. If someone is curious about adoptions or just doesn’t understand how it all works, you can always send them over to our Adoption Choices of Missouri website!

You Know the Baby is Better Off with Another Family

Like our previous point, only you know all the details of your won situation. People may make assumptions, but only you can know whether you’re able to be the parent you want to be at this moment. Putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t mean you have been irresponsible. Pregnancies can happen even if you used birth control or didn’t plan on them happening at all. Choosing adoption may be the most responsible choice you can make. Once people understand your story, they will likely see how you’re making the right decision for your pregnancy.

Adoption Agencies Help Pregnant Mothers

Some people worry about your pregnancy for much more compassionate reasons. They may worry about your own health and safety. Especially if you’re a single mother looking for unplanned pregnancy options, a friend could worry if you’ll be able to support yourself during a pregnancy. Juggling a job with a pregnancy is already a lot to ask of a mother. During the final months, you may not be able to work at all.

Adoption Choices of Missouri offers a variety of resources to make sure that every birth mother can stay safe and healthy during their whole pregnancy. With a combination of our own resources and government programs, we’ll help the bills get paid and get you to the doctor. Even if you’re uninsured or homeless, we’ll help you find housing and pay for health care. Health and safety won’t be an issue during your pregnancy. Next time someone asks about whether you can pay for the pregnancy, you can let them know that you’ll be taken care of.

Adoptive Families Provide Happy Homes

Another misconception about adoptions is that adoptive families are just anyone. Not many people are familiar with the process that adoptive families go through so they can apply to be adoptive families. Missouri has enacted strong programs to help adoptive families prepare for adoption and to make sure they are ready.

The STARS program in Missouri consists of two parts. The first, a training program for adoptive families. Whether or not the adoptive parents have children, it teaches them about raising children and advice to keep in mind while raising an adopted child. The other is the equivalent of what other states call a home study. The living space of the adopted family is checked to make sure it is safe for children. An interview is also conducted with the adoptive family about their history, and the local social services runs a background check to confirm the family is happy and healthy.

Talking to Others About Adoption

Adoption Choices of Missouri knows well that people will always have misconceptions. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop people from making some negative assumptions about adoptions and birth mothers. We still believe, however, that many of these assumptions start to go away once people understand how adoptions truly work. Only you know what’s best for you and your child, and we can make sure you’re always taken care of during a pregnancy. Once the child is placed with another family, you can remain assured that they’re well taken care of. If you have friends with concerns or want to help more people learn about adoption, send them over to Adoption Choices of Missouri!