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What Will Happen in the Hospital if I’m Placing My Baby for Adoption?

What Will Happen in the Hospital if I’m Placing My Baby for Adoption?

Adoption in MO is a choice some women choose, and the reason why they may have chosen adoption can be for many reasons. Some reasons may be that they are not ready to become a mother because they aren’t financially stable or because they don’t ever want to become a mother. Choosing to place your baby for a hospital adoption may seem like a rare thing that occurs, but it actually happens a lot more than you think it does because it provides many benefits for both the child and the mother.

Whatever your reasons may be for considering adoption and maybe even choosing adoption, we at Adoption Choices of Missouri will respect your choices and will work to help your adoption process go as smoothly as it possibly can. 

Placing My Baby Up for Hospital Adoption in Missouri

Deciding to put your baby up for adoption is no easy feat, and we understand how overwhelming it can be to start the adoption process. However, it is good to remind yourself that there are benefits to choosing adoption, such as the fact that you will always be entirely in control of the entire process.

During the adoption process, you will mostly be working with a birth parent counselor, who is there to guide you. Any decisions, however, will ultimately be up to you. One of the most important parts of the adoption process is the adoption plan you will create. An adoption plan will provide your adoption agency in Missouri with an outline of how you want your adoption to look like, such as if you want an open adoption. An adoption plan would help the adoption agency understand that they may have to help facilitate communication between the adoptive family and you.

Once the adoption plan is created, you have to select a family for your baby and wait until the delivery date. When the delivery day comes, though, you may have questions as to what the hospital stay will look like for a baby placed for adoption.

What Happens During a Hospital Adoption When Placing My Baby

Before your delivery date arrives, you should be aware that your hospital visit may be a bit different than what is typically pictured. You also have the choice to decide who you want to have with you when your delivery date arrives, but this may change as COVID-19 regulations change. If you decide that you don’t want anyone there with you at the hospital, that is okay because you are not obligated to invite anyone to your birth. 

Once your baby is born, you have the right to name your child and register their name on a birth certificate, but the adoptive parents can change the name if they choose to. If you wish for your child to keep the name you have chosen, you can always communicate this with your birth parent counselor to work something out with the adoptive parents. 

After the delivery, you will typically stay in the hospital for 24-48 hours until the hospital discharges you, and if you have decided to have the adoptive parents there with you, they can help you work through the emotions of having a child. They can also be there to help support you, and sharing this moment can create a stronger bond between you, the baby, and the family that will take care of them. This honestly can help create a healthy relationship that can foster. 

To finalize the adoption, you must sign the termination of parental rights form and other consent forms, but typically, there is a waiting time of 72 hours until you can sign the legal documents. If you are unsure about certain legal proceedings, you can always ask your birth parent counselor, who will guide you. 

Adoption Agencies in Missouri

Having a baby can be stressful, and it may even make you feel as though everything is outside of your control. It is beneficial to remind yourself that people and support groups can help you work through these difficult emotions because we at Adoption Choices of Missouri can understand your experiences. 

To help alleviate some of the stress you may have during this process. We offer free counseling during and after your pregnancy so that you can get the emotional help you need. If you are worried about financial issues that may arise because of your pregnancy, you don’t have to worry anymore because our adoption agency also offers financial aid for pregnancy-related costs, such as groceries and medical costs. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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