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What Should I Include in My Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother?

What Should I Include in My Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother?

Moving forward into unknown territory is always a little less overwhelming when you have a plan. If you are an expectant mother considering placing your baby for adoption, Adoption Choices of Missouri will match you with an adoption counselor who will help you come up with an adoption plan. This creates stability throughout the adoption process and ensures that you don’t face any surprises along the way. 

With our adoption agency, the adoption plan that you create will be unique to you. We understand that the needs of each birth mother differ and we are here to support your choices. There are several different areas that you can address in your adoption plan as a birth mother

  1. Choosing Your Child’s Adoptive Family 

You are in control when it comes to making decisions about your child’s adoptive family. Before selecting an adoptive family, you will have the opportunity to come up with a list of values that are important to you. When you are looking at profiles for possible adoptive families, you can refer back to this list to ensure that the family you choose shares some of your beliefs if that is a priority for you. 

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to speak on the phone with any adoptive family that you are considering before you meet them in-person. After you meet with any potential adoptive families, the choice to move forward with them in the adoption process always remains with you. Your adoption counselor will be there to support any decision that you make. We will work together to  find a loving and stable adoptive family for your child. 

  1. Putting Together Your Hospital/Birth Plans

Birth plans are as unique as the birth mothers they are made for. With your adoption counselor, you can formulate a birth plan that fits your individual needs. You might include any preferences for pain management during labor or who you would like to have with you in the delivery room, if anyone. You can also include details about what kind of atmosphere will offer you maximum comfort and security during your birth as well as specifics around care for your baby immediately following delivery. 

You will have the option whether or not to include your child’s adoptive family in the birth. You can discuss the level that you’d like them to be involved during your delivery with them, as well as your adoption counselor. Making arrangements ahead of time will make the adoption process smoother. Additionally, incorporating a birth plan into your adoption plan can provide a sense of comfort and stability. 

  1. Determining The Type of Adoption You Want

There are several different types of adoption for you to consider when creating your plan.Your adoption counselor will educate you around the different benefits of an open, semi-open, or closed adoption. We understand that this decision can be an emotional one and we are here to offer as much support as possible. When you have decided which type of adoption best fits your personal preference, it will be included in your adoption plan. 

  1. Communicating with Adoptive Family during Pregnancy 

Another factor to consider when creating an adoption plan is how you would like to communicate with your child’s adoptive family, if at all, during pregnancy. As with all aspects of your adoption plan, this decision resides with you, but your adoption counselor will be there to offer guidance as well. You can choose to communicate with your child’s adoptive family as much or as little as you feel comfortable with throughout your pregnancy. 

What Should I Include in My Adoption Plan as a Birth Mother

Your adoption plan will be unique to you. These are simply a few of the areas you might include in your own individual plan. Our top priority at Adoption Choices of Missouri is that you feel supported and confident throughout your adoption journey. Creating an adoption plan as a birth mother can provide security at every point throughout this process and relieve the stress of planning in the moment. 

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we want to ensure that your adoption plan is complete, so that you are free to focus on you and your child’s health throughout your pregnancy. 

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