What is National Adoption Month and Why is it Important?

What is National Adoption Month and Why is it Important?

Every year, in the month of November, there is a combined effort in the adoption community to push finding children loving homes, further. Through their initiatives, they bring greater awareness and urgency to the need for birth parents, adoptees and adoptive families to feel confident in their respective adoptive journeys. This month has come to be known as National Adoption Month, where people of all shapes, colors, and sizes come together to celebrate all things adoption. 

Throughout National Adoption Month, organizations, businesses and communities hold events to educate those possibly interested in adopting. Parents, single families, or caring individuals looking to extend their family come to these events to educate themselves and learn how to begin their adoption journey. During these events, also, notable figures or visionaries share their own personal story on how adoption changed their life to help inspire others to become involved. 

Origins of National Adoption Month

The first occurrence of the event brings us to Massachusetts in 1976. Under Governor Michael Dukakis, there was a weekly celebration to bring awareness for the need of families in the state. Then, in 1984, President Ronald Reagan made the state celebration a national one, which became annual.  Eventually, in 1998, President Bill Clinton officially issued a mandate for the month of November to be National Adoption Month

Importance of Family and Community during Adoption

One of the key points covered in every adoption event is the importance of having a safe,  supportive home, and a loving and caring family.  After all, the care and love for a child transcends blood and goes beyond genetic history. Family is a collective mix of loyalty, kindness, and faith in one another. It forms a foundation of where it allows the child to thrive in a loving environment.

Children need stability. Children need a place to feel safe where they can grow and become their best self in the future. The well-being of the future generation and the potential brought with it is sacred. The duty of the adoptive family to that generation is a bittersweet reward every parent wants. Yet, every child deserves a home and every loving parent deserves an opportunity to give it. As the birth mother, these are all the things you want for your child to have and be given. Whatever help you may need in regards to medical care, finances, or even sheltering Adoption Choices of Missouri provides all. With that help, it can ease the burden off your shoulders and a peace of mind for you and your baby. You never go blind in choosing the right family for your baby and it is a completely transparent proceeding that is always catered to doing what’s best for you. 

Depending on whatever you are most comfortable with, there are three options on what that could look like for you and your baby in the future. All of these options are open to every mother or woman, no matter their background or situation. 

What National Adoption Month Entails

All throughout the month of November, large seminars and informational conferences are given to provide the necessary knowledge to start the adoption process. For many people looking to adopt now or in the future, some don’t know where to start. The cumulative resources and outreaches composed around this month allow a large mass of people to get all the information they need. These resources are not just for people looking to welcome a new child to the family, but also birth mothers who may have encountered an unexpected pregnancy. These changes can be scary to face on one’s own, but there are things ready in place on standby for you and your child. Through call or text, the helpline is available to all current or future mothers. 

  • This helpline is 24/7 offers urgent counseling on the spot and even offers an application for specific situations if so chose to fill one out before contacting. 
  • It is free and available to any and all who may need it, day or night. 

If you are a birth mother looking to give your child something you feel you cannot provide, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to answer all of your questions, address your concerns and help you get started with the adoption process. You won’t be alone. 

Sharing Adoption Starts with You

No matter what neighborhood you grew up in, the color of your hair, or even your social identity, adoption is an option for you. As your child’s birth mother, the very first steps start and end with you. So, make a plan, ask questions and learn exactly what you can do to have the most successful and positive adoption journey possible. As a mother or soon to be mother, the first couple steps can be scary, but it does not have to be done alone. There are people and resources here around to help make the processes easier and smoother for both you and your child. 

With National Adoption Month here, make it an opportunity to not only change your own life, but also another’s. This a chance for you and your baby to sow into a brighter tomorrow you both get to see come. The blooming of something great is right on the horizon and there is no greater time than now. Take this call of action to give your child their forever home and provide them with the countless opportunities they need to thrive. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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