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What is a Semi-Open Adoption and How can Adoption Agencies in Missouri Help?

What is a Semi-Open Adoption and How can Adoption Agencies in Missouri Help?

Your upcoming adoption has made you learn a lot of information you never knew with questions about every step. In a sea of information, it is easy to get confused about what is what or you may become overwhelmed with all the options. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand that the most important choices you make will be who you choose to adopt your child and how you will interact with the adoptive family you choose. There is no one size fits all solution, and no one else can tell you what’s best for you. 

At the same time, the earlier you understand your options, the more time you will have to think over your decision. While you research the adoption process in Missouri or your home state, it is likely that you’ve heard something about the three types of adoption. The first and most well-known type is a closed adoption. Traditionally, all adoptions used to be closed, and children would grow up not knowing who their biological parents were. The increasingly common open adoption allows interactions between birth parents and adoptive families, so their relationships remain continuous. The semi-open adoption falls in between the two options. Birth mothers have natural concerns about the welfare of their children after the adoptions are finalized, and updates can help them feel confident they made the right choice. Deciding what is right should be taken on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of both families.

How Do Semi-Open Adoptions Work?

The level of communication you want to have after should be carefully considered. If you want to have communication with your child after their adoption, you need to make sure you and the new family are on the same page. If your baby’s birth father is around, his needs should be considered as well. Times may already be hard, but a family that misunderstands or doesn’t respect your wishes is not a good addition to the mix. In Missouri, post-adoption agreements are not legally binding, so enforcement is up to the court’s discretion. However, keep in mind that through a semi-open adoption, communication is mediated through our adoption agencies in Missouri.

As mentioned above, semi-open adoptions are a combination of closed and open adoptions. Open adoption enables direct interaction between both families. In the semi-open adoption, all interactions are mediated between the adoption agency. Information about you will be given based on your level of consent, and updates on both ends will be delivered through the adoption agency. When making a decision on semi-open adoption, it should be considered how long you want the updates to continue and how often. Also, consider the types of information and level of detail. Are pictures enough? Letters? How often do you want to be updated? All these things should be considered when choosing a semi-open adoption as a birth mother can negotiate all of this with the adoptive parents before the adoption is finalized.

Semi-open adoptions minimize the amount of information shared between birth and adoptive families to ensure privacy. Semi-open adoption has the advantage of leaving the door open for you to have further communication later. Closed adoption may feel too extreme in terms of distancing, and for some, open adoption may be too much to handle on both sides. There are multiple benefits of a semi-open adoption, especially when you are unsure if you want to leave a door open just in case. Many adopted children wonder who their biological parents are, and having some knowledge of where they came from may give them some satisfaction. It also might ease some of the post-placement feelings of loss birth mothers may feel. Adoption is a big decision, and it brings some relief to know that your baby is doing fine. It might ease the nerves of your confused family members, who may not understand why you chose adoption in MO in the first place.

What to Do When You Are Ready For Adoption in MO

As family and friends learn about your adoption, they too might have questions about the three types of adoption. They may have their own opinions about what to pick or why you still want communication with a child you gave to another family. Whatever your home situation is, don’t let someone pressure you into something you are not comfortable with. The whole adoption process is hard, and many people won’t understand. Your adoption specialist will help inform all involved parties to better explain why you are making these decisions. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri is happy to help at every step of the adoption process. If you have any questions, our private Missouri adoption agency will answer them, so you can feel confident about your choice. Our adoption agency serves moms across the state, and we understand each family has different needs. Don’t hesitate to call when you are ready to learn more or start the adoption process.

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