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What Does the Finalization Process Look Like for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents in Missouri? 

What Does the Finalization Process Look Like for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents in Missouri? 

By Nicole Cunningham

There has been much to do up to this point. For an adoption in Missouri, as the birth mother, you have decided to go through with creating an adoption plan. You have chosen the family that will take your baby home to complete their family. Now what is left to do? What does this process look like in its final form when everything is said and done? As the birth mother and the adoptive family, it looks different for each of you. What does adoption finalization process look like?

The adoption process can be long and overwhelming. Giving up your baby for adoption is not an easy process. It is almost time for the end of your adoption plan. The finalization process for adoption can be different for everyone, just as the adoption process is different for everyone. Similar steps are taken for each birth mother and the adoptive family. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we can help you with the whole adoption process, including the finalization steps.

What is Adoption Finalization? 

Adoption finalization process is what the adoption process looks like for you post-placement. Everything that happens after you give birth to the baby at the hospital and the adoptive family is able to take their new child home with them.  

The Finalization Process of Adoption for the Birth Parents 

The process of adoption finalization for the birth mother includes, after you give birth in the hospital, the adoptive parents and you have already discussed the birth hospital plan. This plan will determine when the adoptive parents are able to take the child home with them. When you are at the hospital, this is where you will give your final consent for them to adopt your baby and sign the final forms. These forms will show that you are terminating your parental rights over the child for the adoptive parents to take full responsibility and gain their parental rights.They will be able to leave the hospital with the baby. You should start the recovery process, getting plenty of rest and allowing yourself to heal. After this, you may need to look into support or counseling post-placement, which we can help assist you with. 

The Finalization Process of Adoption for the Adoptive Parents 

The process of adoption finalization for the adoptive family includes having to wait for their new family member to be born. After the baby is born, the birth mother still wants to go through with the adoption. They will have to fill out the paperwork that you both will sign. This signs over the parental rights to them and allows them to be able to leave with the baby. After they have done everything they need to at the hospital, they will have to go through a court hearing. The birth mother does not need to be there at the hearing. Then they will be able to start adjusting to life with their new child. 

Adoption Post-Placement Communication

Depending on the type of adoption you and the adoptive parents have agreed on determines how much post-placement communication there is. Post-placement communication can look different for everyone. If you choose to do an open adoption, that level of communication will look different than if you and your adoptive parents decide to go with a semi-open or closed adoption.

If you choose to do an open adoption during the adoption process, then you and the adoptive parents will have a higher level of communication- you may even be able to have visits with the child. The semi-open adoption usually involves the exchanging of photos, emails, but there is usually not any face-to-face visit post-placement. With a closed adoption, both birth mother and adoptive family rarely have any in person contact with one another. 

Adoption Post-Placement Self-Care

As the birth mother, you will need to make sure you are taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, after you deliver the baby, try to take time for yourself. Your body will be in recovery, so taking it easy is essential and getting plenty of rest. It can be difficult for you mentally as well. Giving a child up for adoption is not easy, it can cause quite a bit of stress or depression.

Even though you know that adoption can be a hard choice, that doesn’t make it the wrong one. After the permanent placement and legal termination of parental rights have gone through, the process might never be easy on you. Adoption Choices of Missouri can offer you counseling and emotional support as you may need.

Adoption Finalization with Missouri Adoption Agencies

We know that the adoption process can be difficult for the birth mother and the adoptive family. If you are considering adoption for my baby, just know that you’re doing what is best for the child, and that’s what’s important. We here at Adoption Choices of Missouri can help answer any questions you may still have regarding the adoption process and the finalization steps you will be taking or if you are pregnant considering adoption or have an unplanned pregnancy