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What are my unexpected pregnancy options in Missouri?

What are my unexpected pregnancy options in Missouri?

By Melissa Camacho

If you are a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and want to pursue an adoption in Missouri, we can help. It’s not easy for a birth mother to plan an adoption placement without any professional help. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed private adoption specializing in local and domestic adoption across Missouri. We want you to know how crucial it is for all birth mothers to learn about their adoption options. Exploring your options is the backbone of your adoption journey.

When you reach out to our adoption agencies in Missouri, you will meet with an adoption specialist to create an adoption plan. You will learn about options you can choose from to place your baby with a suitable adoptive family. In addition, you will be offered additional resources to help you move through the adoption process. Our adoption team will first guide you towards taking enough time to consider your options.

Updated Information on Parenting and Termination of Pregnancy as Unexpected Pregnancy Options

You may be wondering if adoption is the best choice when you may still be able to consider parenting. We recommend you take your time to evaluate your circumstances, such as balancing life-changing events while parenting. There is no pressure, criticism, or judgment that our licensed adoption professionals will pass on to birth mothers who eventually prefer parenting. 

Our job is to primarily guide all birth mothers on how our adoption options and resources can help you. Now that constitutional rights on termination of pregnancy are affected and no longer legalized in Missouri, adoption remains a legal option for birth moms. Contact our adoption agencies in Missouri to learn about local adoption laws if you still want to pursue adoption. We are a responsive and trusting agency to work with.

Types of Adoption Options for Birth Mothers Considering Adoption in Missouri 

As a leading private adoption agency, we assist our birth mothers in choosing the best adoption option that meets their needs and preferences. It’s one of the first things to discuss with your adoption specialist. The type of adoption you choose will define your relationship with the adoptive family and your child. Whichever option you choose is your choice. You are in control of your adoption plan. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, there are three types of adoption you can choose:

Open adoption 

Open adoption is widely considered among birth mothers to be able to have a large amount of contact with the adoptive family. You can communicate with the adoptive family through phone calls, mail, social media, and family visits. As part of your adoption plan, the adoptive family can be present during your labor date. It’s a great opportunity to learn who the adoptive parents are. Having open-adoption lets, you keep track of your child’s progress with the adoptive parents.


Semi-adoption is part of open adoption. You can communicate with the adoptive family through a third party or adoption agency. As opposed to open adoption, no personal contact or personal information will be exchanged. This is a more mediated, private, and secure way of communicating with the adoptive family. However, family photos and letters can still be shared to learn about your child’s development.

Closed adoption 

If you wish to move on from your adoption journey and not have any contact with the adoptive family, closed adoption may be your best choice.

We will not judge or discriminate against any options you choose to manage your pregnancy and adoption plan. Keep in mind that after you sign the adoption paperwork, your adoption is finalized and cannot be revoked. The process of finalizing your adoption means you are relinquishing your parental rights. Once the adoption is approved, a new birth certificate will be printed with the adoptive family’s legal name and your child’s legal name. For more information, contact your adoption specialist, or you can request to speak with an attorney.

More Adoption Options for Birth Mothers in Missouri 

The advantages of private adoption are not only the option to create an open adoption but to provide of financial and emotional support. When you meet one-on-one with your adoption specialist, you can discuss the options for your financial needs. We offer financial assistance to help you pay for utilities, housing, food, medical, maternity clothing, and transportation. In addition, we can assist you with searching for affordable housing if you need a safe and comfortable home to stay in Missouri. If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the grief and anxiety of placing your baby for adoption, feel free to join our counseling support services.

 An adoption counselor can connect with you and offer therapy sessions to help you cope with feelings associated with stress, depression, and anxiety. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and putting up your baby for adoption takes some time to think through and recover from.

Learn More About Your Adoption Options and Benefits Today

Adoption Choices of Missouri helps the mom with various resources if she is pregnant and considering adoption. We work together as a team to assess your needs as a birth mother. Our adoption options are designed to fulfill the needs of birth moms in all sorts of situations. All birth mothers have different priorities, backgrounds, and cultures; we embrace diversity in the adoption community. It’s not an easy choice to choose adoption in Missouri, but the outcomes of your adoption journey can make your circumstances less challenging. If you need assistance on how to give a baby up for adoption, reach out to our adoption agencies in Missouri today!

The more adoption options a birth mother sees, the more her self-confidence grows in pursuing a Missouri adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800