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Unplanned Pregnancy Help for Birth Mothers: Will I Regret Placing My Baby Up for Adoption?

Unplanned Pregnancy Help for Birth Mothers: Will I Regret Placing My Baby Up for Adoption?

The best, most honest answer I can give you is: maybe. The hard truth is, there are always going to be things we regret in life. But sometimes those regrets are the things we didn’t do just as much as they can be the things we did do. You might ask yourself Will I regret placing my baby up for adoption? Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which path will be filled with less regret for you. That is why you must understand all of your unplanned pregnancy and adoption options before you make a final decision. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help ensure that you are making the most informed decision possible.

The Top 5 Ways Adoption Agencies Can Help Birth Mothers Reduce Regret When Choosing Adoption:

Although we cannot guarantee that you will have no regrets about choosing adoption, we can do our best to help mitigate those feelings. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help birth mothers navigate these difficult feelings during your adoption journey.

  1. Adoption agencies can offer different types of adoption as an open adoption. These days, adoption agencies offer different types of adoption, like open, closed, or semi-open adoption. Open adoption allows for the birth mother and adoptive family to swap information and maintain contact. This means that you will get to know the person your baby grows up to be because you will have the opportunity to speak with them on the phone and even have in-person visits. The guidelines for these arrangements should be made before the adoption is completed when you are making your Missouri adoption plan. Be sure to speak with your adoption specialist for more information about what type of adoption best suits your needs.
  2. By providing legal representation to help protect your birth mother’s rights. Choosing adoption is all about consent, and the laws around withdrawing your consent are called revocation laws. Although we provide ample opportunity for birth mothers to change their minds about adoption so that these laws should not need to be used in the first place, they are there as a final resort. Please be aware that these laws are only in place up until the court has finalized the withdrawal of parental consent, at which point they become irrevocable. Our adoption agency does provide legal representation to help protect birth mother rights in Missouri.
  3. Choose a full-service, licensed adoption agency that offers post-placement counseling for birth mothers. We understand that adjusting to post-placement life after placing your baby for adoption can be hard, and that is why we provide mental health and emotional support counseling for birth mothers. We realize that you may need some extra help past the delivery room, and that is why we like to go above and beyond by providing counseling for birth mothers even after the Missouri adoption process is completed.
  4. Your adoption agency can help direct you towards birth mother blogs and forums. Our adoption agency provides a plethora of first-hand accounts from birth mothers, birth mother blogs, and other birth mother online resources to help you make sure this is the right decision for you. Other birth mothers have been through this before, and you are not alone. You can use their stories and what they’ve learned to help guide you as you make your own decisions.
  5. Remember, you are placing your baby for adoption, not “giving up” your baby.  Adoption is the chance for you to give your baby the best opportunities in life. Don’t think of adoption as a selfish act; rather, think of adoption as a selfless act of love on your part for the benefit of your baby. You are not “giving up” your baby for adoption; after all, “giving up” has such a negative connotation. Instead, think of it as enduring through this hardship so that your baby can have the best chance at life. All of our adoptive families in our portfolios are pre-screened and pre-qualified, so your baby is going to a safe and loving home. No matter which adoptive family you pick, choosing to place your baby for adoption will help give him or her a head start in life.

If You Are Pregnant and Need Help Placing Your Baby for Adoption Call Our Missouri Adoption Agency Today 

If you are pregnant and need help placing your baby for adoption, don’t hesitate to call our Missouri adoption agency today. The longer you wait to call us, the longer before we can get to work helping you. Our adoption specialists are ready and waiting to help provide you with the adoption information you need to get your adoption journey started as soon as possible.

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