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Unplanned Pregnancy Help; Adoption Agencies Near Me in Missouri

Unplanned Pregnancy Help; Adoption Agencies Near Me in Missouri

If you are pregnant and you do not want to parent a child or if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and you do not want a baby, we are an adoption agency near you who can help now. A pregnant woman who finds herself in this situation, knowing she doesn’t want to be a mother may be considering adoption. We have adoption professionals ready to help now. We can provide free information about your pregnancy and adoption options in Missouri, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for birth mothers.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Missouri

When you’re facing an unexpected, unwanted, or unplanned pregnancy in Missouri, or somewhere else in the United States, you have three choices that you can make:

  • Parenting your child
  • Adoption and relinquishing parental rights to a chosen adoptive family
  • Abortion or terminating your pregnancy

Adoption Choices of Missouri specializes in private newborn adoption and working with pregnant women and pregnant teens in Missouri who choose adoption. However, we are not here to judge you, coerce you, nor force you into choosing adoption. We will discuss ALL your pregnancy options and go over in detail why adoption might be (or might not be) the best choice for you. We always want you to do what is best for your life and the future of your child.

By calling or texting 816-527-9800, you can receive free information about private adoption and learn about your unplanned pregnancy options in Missouri. Gaining as much information as possible will help you to make the best possible decision for yourself. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak with adoption professionals – Amy or Kate or Heather – who have their own personal experiences with adoption and can directly relate to the emotions, fear, or overwhelm you are experiencing.

Facts About Adoption in Missouri

Maybe you are considering adoption as an option for your unplanned pregnancy in Missouri, but you have some concerns about the Missouri adoption process. These questions and concerns are normal, and they are a sign that you truly want to make the best possible choice for yourself and your baby. Here are some common fears about adoption in Missouri for unplanned pregnancy, and the facts behind those fears:

  • If you’re worried about the cost of adoption, please know that adoption is always free for birth parents, you may also qualify for living expenses and financial support.
  • If you’re worried about placing your baby with strangers, be confident in knowing that you can choose the adoptive family, meet them, and even get to know them. And with the semi open or open adoption, you can maintain contact with them and your child post-placement.
  • If you’re worried about feeling confused through the adoption process, you should know that you will have legal representation, access to medical care, and professional counseling before and after the adoption is provided to you for free. You will also be assigned an adoption specialist to work with you throughout the process and provide any other Missouri adoption services you need.
  • If you’re worried you will feel guilty or regret choosing adoption, you should understand that adoption will be filled with many highs and many lows. It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel guilt or regret but she can also experience relief and joy. You may have heard adoption horror stories from the past but modern adoptions are much more accepted and women share positive, loving experiences.

To learn more about choosing adoption as an unplanned pregnancy option in Missouri, you can call or text Amy at 316-209-2071 any time to get free information and to ask questions about adoption or your situation with no obligation. You can also reach us online here.

Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy in Missouri

Regardless of what you choose to do in response to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in Missouri – parent, adoption, or terminate – you deserve to be supported. This is a hard choice and one that we know, you will not make lightly. Educate yourself about parenting, abortion, and adoption in Missouri. Only you know what’s right for you regarding your pregnancy options in Missouri.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more!
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