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Unplanned pregnancy and choosing adoption during the holiday season

Unplanned Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption During the Holiday Season

By Alexis Watson

Holidays are a time for laughter, cheer, and joy. It’s the season of giving and being surrounded by loved ones. However, you are staring back at a positive pregnancy test. You become acutely aware that you are not able or ready to raise a child. As you are engulfed in the holiday spirit, you feel everything but happiness. Now, being faced with unplanned pregnancies, you are battling mixed emotions. An unplanned pregnancy can cause feelings of fear and confusion.

You are conflicted as you are considering adoption. You’re wondering how the child’s father and our family might react as you contemplate giving a child up for adoption. Adoption has since been riddled with negative stereotypes, and misinformation has been shared. Panic might set in as questions about adoption, the adoption process, and which steps to take race through your mind. But, not to worry. Our expert team at Adoption Choices of Missouri will guide you through all of the resources available to you. We will answer all of your questions, hear your concerns, and talk through your fears. We want you, as the birth mother, to feel secure and informed when making a life-changing decision. You aren’t abandoning your child. You are giving them a future. 

The Adoption Process in Missouri

Step 1: Adoption Agencies

The first step when deciding on adoption in Missouri is finding an adoption agency. We have many adoption agencies in Missouri that will be more than willing to help. You can give us a visit or call anytime. Our experts are readily available to help pregnant women and birth parents create a unique adoption plan. We understand how emotionally taxing the adoption process can be, so we provide emotional support through counseling. We also strongly encourage all of our birth mothers and families to develop and practice a good self-care regime. Emotional health is just as important as physical and mental health. 

Step 2: Adoption Plan

Now you’ve met with an expert at one of our local adoption agencies in Missouri, let’s draft your adoption plan. An adoption plan allows you to voice and implement your wants and desires for you and your child. The decision is yours. Our specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri will cater to your adoptive needs. You have your adoption plan outlined, given birth, and you’ve chosen the family, so what’s next? 

Step 3: Adoption Resources 

The adoption process and adoption plan have stirred up a concoction of conflicting emotions. It is important that as you go through these emotions, you identify each one. The emotional impact on those considering adoption is unique to each person. Our specialists at Adoption Choices of Missouri understand and are aware of this. Our experts will connect you with our trained counselors to help you get through those conflicting emotions. They will help you identify those emotions, understand them, and cope with them. Being and maintaining your emotional health is crucial throughout the adoption process

Can I Receive Financial Assistance During The Adoption Process?

Adoption in Missouri for you and other birth mothers is free. There is no cost to you. But what about assistance? You are struggling with housing, and/or you are having a hard time covering your pregnancy medical costs. No worries. We offer financial support to those eligible. 

Once you meet with our experts, draft your adoption plan, and your needs are accessed, we will make a determination on your eligibility. If you are eligible for assistance, we at Adoption Choices of Missouri will be able to provide you with assistance based on your needs. We will be able to assist by covering some living expenses and medical bills related to the pregnancy. Our experts will make a determination of how much assistance is needed once they develop your adoption plan. Considering adoption is already worrisome, we don’t want you or our birth mothers to undergo any additional stress. The baby’s health as well as yours is vital. 

Choosing Adoption in Missouri

Considering adoption for your unplanned pregnancy is a difficult decision to make. You are now tasked with making the best decision based on you and your child’s needs. Sometimes those needs can conflict with one another causing an emotional stir. It is important that you know you are not alone. 

Our agencies and staff are trained and ready to help guide and support you through this process. We offer emotional support, counseling, and financial assistance based on eligibility. We will listen to your fears, concerns and answer any questions. One of our goals is to be a strong advocate for birth mothers like you. We will help you make the best decision for your child’s future. 

If you are ready and in need of support and guidance, call Adoption Choices of Missouri. We can’t wait to hear from you.