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The Two Major Benefits of a Semi-Open Adoption in Missouri

The Two Major Benefits of a Semi-Open Adoption in Missouri

By Jason Legasse

As you may already know, there are three main types of adoption in Missouri for you to choose from: open, semi-open, and closed adoptions. Open adoptions typically involve the highest level of communication and updates in the adoption triad. Closed adoptions may not involve any communication or disclose information about the adoption process. 

As a birth mother giving a child up for adoption, you may feel drawn toward either of these types of adoption. You are honestly looking for something in the middle. The good news is that the middle option exists! Semi-open adoptions have plenty of great traits about them, and today we would like to share two major benefits of a semi-open adoption with you. 

Benefit #1: You May Not Feel as much Pressure 

Consider this scenario: a birth mother who is expecting enters her pregnancy with her heart set on placing her baby for adoption. Upon Googling “considering adoption for my baby”, however, she only sees that adoptions are either open or closed, rather than being informed of an “in-between” adoption type. She alerts her family of her options, and they suggest she go one way or another. None of the birth mother’s family members suggest a semi-open adoption to her, which puts extra pressure on her. But, then the birth mother reached out to Adoption Choices of Missouri, who said: 

“You do not have to choose between an open or closed adoption. There is another type of adoption that exists with traits in between the two. This option may be a perfect fit for you! This is called a semi-open adoption. We would love to tell you more about it!”

Now that this birth mother has been informed, she knows that she has a third type of adoption to consider. She decided to look into a semi-open adoption and was able to allow her adoption process to go at her pace. 

Now, for you, you may be wondering: What exactly does a semi-open adoption entail? What makes a semi-open adoption the perfect balance? We will have to take a look! 

Benefit #2: Semi-Open Adoptions Allow For a Perfect Level of Communication!

What thoughts were going through your head with this scenario? Did you know that a semi-open adoption is not only low pressure, but it also helps foster communication? It’s true! 

As we discussed in our scenario, birth mothers feel a lot of pressure in thinking that their adoption can either be open or closed. For an open adoption, a birth mother could feel the need to have extremely frequent check-ins. Sure, she wants to check in on her baby. But she does not want to have to feel like she has to every single day. An open adoption could also mean a continuous effort on your part to maintain good communication with your baby’s adoptive family. On the other hand, closed adoption may prevent connection with the birth mother entirely, forcing her to worry constantly about her baby.

With a semi-open adoption, communications are typically somewhere in the middle. You may desire to check in with your baby a few times a year, just to see how things are going. You also may want to have a ZOOM call with your baby and his or her adoptive family. Lots of birth mothers consider semi-open adoptions because the level of communication that they desire is perfect for them. Communication is steadily maintained and can be as frequent or as infrequent as you want. Maybe you just want to communicate on holidays or for special events and occasions. Still, you don’t want it to be so infrequent that you develop a fear of missing out. Semi-open adoptions are perfect if you are looking for that perfect level of communication with your baby’s adoptive family.

Is a Semi-Open Adoption Truly Beneficial?

Absolutely! As we discussed, two major benefits of a semi-open adoption are the lack of pressure on birth mothers and the level of communication maintained within the adoption triad. These benefits could make semi-open adoption the perfect fit for you! There are countless other benefits of a semi-open adoption – including the increased number of possible visitations. However, the level of communication is perhaps the most beneficial. 

Birth mothers who do not want to feel stuck may find that a semi-open adoption may be the best fit for them. To learn more about the amazing benefits of a semi-open adoption, feel free to contact your caseworker at Adoption Choices of Missouri directly below. We wish you the best of luck with your adoption. We hope that you will take the time to look into semi-open adoptions and their countless benefits.