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The Top 5 Things Birth Mothers in Missouri Want You to Know About Adoption

The Top 5 Things Birth Mothers in Missouri Want You to Know About Adoption

As an expectant mother who is just beginning your adoption journey. Like a new birth mother, you might feel out of your depth about everything surrounding your adoption process if you have any questions or concerns about the adoption process and may be wondering who to ask. We at Adoption Choices of Missouri have listed the top five things a local Missouri birth mother wants you to know, to help you understand your choice of adoption. Here are the top five things birth mothers in Missouri want you to know.

Things Birth Mothers in Missouri Want You to Know About Adoption

  1. You will Always Have Support
    At our agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri, your adoption caseworker will help you find birth mother emotional support, counseling support, and birth mother retreats to help you feel connected to your adoption journey and understand your role as a birth mother and to know that you are a cherished part of your child’s life. You are never alone and will always have the support of other birth mothers who understand what it might feel like going through your adoption process and the mixed emotions that come with not raising your child. As a birth mother, your child will hold you close to their heart. No matter if you are near or far in the state of Missouri, you will always be their birth mother. 
  2. Your Opinion Matters
    As a birth mother, you should know that your opinion matters. You are in control of your adoption decisions from pre-placement to post-placement. You pick out your child’s adoptive parents and decide what you want during your birth plan and post-placement. No matter what anyone says, you, as your child’s birth mother, play a major role in his or her life.
  3. Embrace your Adoption Emotions
    As an expectant mother who will soon become a future birth mother, you might experience many emotions, like sadness, guilt, fear, relief, and this is perfectly okay. Choosing adoption is such a difficult but rewarding decision that comes with many emotions you may feel as your adoption progress moves forward as it becomes finalized. Over the days, months, and even years, don’t hide your feelings; embrace the good and bad days because you are still a mother who is grieving the loss of a child. To embrace your adoption emotions is a great big step to accept your choice of adoption.
  4. Keep Communication Open
    Going through your adoption, remember, communication is one of the most important things in your adoption plan. Communicate with your birth parent caseworker if you need help making a list of questions and concerns for the adoptive parents so that you feel heard during your adoption process; your adoption caseworker can assist you with this. Open communication, whether by phone call, email, or video chat, with your child and their adoptive parents will let them know how involved you want to be in your child’s life. In addition, this might help you, your child, and your child’s adoptive parent’s bond grows stronger.
  5. You will Have a Second Mother’s Day
    As a birth mother, you get a special Mother’s Day dedicated to you. Birth Mother’s Day celebrates you as a birth mother. Birth Mother’s Day was on Friday, May 8th, the Friday before Mother’s day. As a future birth mother, you need to know that you will always celebrate this day with your child any way you wish. As a birth mother, you might be flooded with many emotions on this day, as this can bring up many emotions from the day your child was born. You also might get to celebrate this holiday not only with your birth child but with your child’s adoptive mother as well to make it extra special. Remember, this is your day to feel loved and appreciated by your birth child and in your choice to choose adoption.

Advice for New Birth Mothers

Going through an adoption process as a new birth mother may seem hard, and you might not know where to turn. However, with the help of our agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri, you can have guidance and support from other birth mothers who have gone through the same experience. Having a birth mother who will help you get through your adoption journey might help you feel more prepared as your adoption moves along and your adoption story can end up as a positive experience.

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