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The Top 3 Benefits of Adoption for Adoptees

The Top 3 Benefits of Adoption for Adoptees

If you are a birth mother in Missouri, you’re probably busy making adoption plans and preparations for your pregnancy. You have made a decision that is best for you and have read about the many benefits of adoption for birth mothers. Maybe now you’re wondering — What about my birth child? Will they be okay? 

In answer — yes! There are many wonderful benefits of adoption for adoptees.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, our top priorities are the safety and comfort of you and your baby. Our staff is more than happy to help address any questions or concerns you have about the safety and wellbeing of your child post-adoption.

1. Your Child will Experience a Stable Home

One of the benefits of adoption for your birth child is the chance for them to grow up in a stable home environment. Each birth mother has her own unique reason for beginning her adoption journey. If you are worried about your ability to provide stability for your child, you can rest assured that any adoptive family you select will be able to do so.

At our adoption agency, you will have the opportunity to look through our extensive portfolios of prospective adoptive families before making a selection. Each adoptive family is required to undergo background checks and home visits to ensure that they are fully prepared and dedicated for parenthood. These screenings also help ensure that any adoptive family you choose will have the financial and emotional means to provide stability for your child.

What is the importance of a stable home for a child? There are endless answers. Children flourish when they have the opportunity to discover themselves in a safe environment. Structure and routine can play an essential role in productive day-to-day activities such as completing and returning homework, making new friends and eating nourishing meals.

2. Your Child will Be Loved 

For many adoptive families, the road to raising a child of their own has been rocky. The opportunity to adopt your child is a life-changing event for them and can be the source of much joy and celebration. Experiencing a childhood full of love and support will help your child blossom and will only add to their daily happiness.

Keep in mind we are certainly not questioning or challenging your own love for your child. We understand that choosing adoption, in no way, insinuates that your love for your child is less than the love he or she will receive from their adoptive family. However, it can be helpful to remember that your child’s adoptive family will love and appreciate them greatly each and every day.

If you are still experiencing worry or doubt about the kind of love or treatment that your child will experience with their adoptive family, you can always reach out for some help. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers free counseling services before, during and post adoption, which can provide a safe space to discuss any worries or fears that you are still holding on to.

3. More Opportunities will Be Open to Your Child

Adoptees often find themselves presented with multitudes of different opportunities as they grow older. These opportunities can range from academic to emotional in nature. Your child may excel in school due to having the space to study and ask questions. They may build lifelong friendships or relationships that blossom into partnerships, business or otherwise. Perhaps they find their passion through having the freedom to try as many things as they want before settling on something.

Whatever the opportunities are that open up for your child, chances are they will be life-altering (in a good way). Given time, support and love, your child can become capable of so many creative and inspiring things. Choosing adoption can ensure that your child has the opportunities that will help them discover themselves and grow into thoughtful and kind adults.

Benefits of Adoption for Adoptees

These are just a few of the benefits of adoption for adoptees. There are so many children who grow up in an adoptive family and experience all kinds of love and support. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will guide you along your adoption journey. Our goal is to provide education and support so that you can feel confident in every step of your journey.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

Meet the Author: Molly Doyle is a native San Franciscan, Molly is an experienced educator and a dedicated writer. She holds her multiple subject teaching credential as well as her Masters of Arts in Teaching. When not teaching children or creating new written pieces, Molly can be found kicking around a soccer ball, going for urban hikes or whipping up a fruit pie.

She currently lives in Seattle, her first home outside of California.