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The Importance of Post-Birth Adoption Support

The Importance of Post-Birth Adoption Support

By Noah Abrams

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy is stressful and comes with many emotions. Each birth mother will have nuanced journeys throughout the adoption process but can relate emotionally. The toll it takes on you can be discouraging, but with the proper support, coping can be easier. Your loved ones, support groups, and reputable adoption agencies are all a part of the ongoing support you’ll need. This is especially true after delivering your child. Adding to what would have already been experienced, this may be the most difficult time for some birth mothers. 

If you are considering adoption in Missouri and looking for a reputable adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help! We understand the nuances of adoption, especially regarding the support that is needed. Continue reading, as we will provide in-depth information on the support available to you through us and other avenues.

Why Birth Mothers May Seek Post-Birth Adoption Support

The journey birth mothers take through adoption can evoke many emotions. This is especially true post-birth, where you may feel guilty for placing your baby with an adoptive family. Regret may also creep into your mind, maybe feeling you could and should have kept your child. These are all things that contribute to the grieving process, which is common for many birth mothers. It is normal to respond in these ways, as it only makes you human. You can overcome them as well, but you may need external support to do so. There are various forms of support, but choose the option that will best get you through this difficult time.

Additionally, you may need financial support during this time. Whether it be medical expenses or essential living expenses, you may need help covering them. We understand you likely won’t be working, or simply may not have the means to afford those expenses. Be it emotionally or financiallyAdoption Choices of Missouri will be there for you!

Resources Available to you Through Adoption Choices of Missouri

Knowing the nature of adoption and the effects it can have on birth mothers, we offer various resources. The mix of emotions and stress can be discouraging, and we intend to ease these as much as possible. Some of the resources available as part of our private adoption services include: 

  1. Financial Assistance – We will help you with expenses related to your pregnancy, as well as necessary living expenses. This includes rent and utilities, food, transportation, maternity clothing, phone service, groceries, and more. Eligibility varies based on your current situation, but no matter what, we will help you as much as possible!
  2. Prenatal Care- Helping you find prenatal care and health care. We prioritize the health of the birth mother and her child. Because of this, we will work with you to ensure you receive the proper medical care.
  3. Safe Housing  Living in a safe environment with ideal living conditions is important for our birth mothers. With the stress you deal with already, your living situation shouldn’t be a contributing factor. If you are homeless or facing any hardships preventing an ideal living situation, we will help you. For your mental well-being, this is necessary. ` 

We understand that you may require assistance throughout your adoption journey. Our job is to alleviate the stress and negative emotions that the adoption process throws your way. Whether it be financially, mentally, or emotionally, Adoption Choices of Missouri is here for you. 

Counseling Through Adoption Choices of Missouri

It is important for adoption agencies in Missouri to help birth mothers through this difficult time. Because of this, we offer counseling as part of our private adoption servicesThis is at no cost and will be provided as needed throughout your adoption journey. We have licensed adoption counselors who work with you to process your emotions in a safe setting. These sessions are confidential and meant to allow you to voice what you need to freely. You can ask questions, raise concerns, or simply tell the adoption counselor how you feel.

Additionally, there are support groups you can resort to if you are more comfortable with that option. You may also go to support groups in conjunction with counseling. It is important to research the options you have regarding support groups where you live. In these support groups, you would meet with other birth mothers and bond over shared emotions and experiences. Being in such a space can offer peace, comfort, and encouragement to get through this difficult time.

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri for More Information on Post-Birth Adoption Support

There are many obstacles birth mothers overcome throughout their adoption journeys. Stressful thoughts come to mind, decisions have to be made, and mixed emotions consume you. Simultaneously, you have to create an adoption plan for your child and find the ideal adoptive family. Because of all of this, you may need the support of others to help you through your adoption journey.

Adoption Choices of Missouri is one of the most knowledgeable and reputable adoption agencies in Missouri. We have specialists available 24/7 to assist you in whatever way is needed. Specifically, we offer emotional, mental, and financial support for birth mothers. Realizing the emotions the adoption process can evoke, we do everything in our power to keep your mind at ease. We encourage any birth mother we work with to take advantage of the benefits we offer, especially if needed. Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri today to discuss our adoption resources more!