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Pregnant Teenagers in Missouri: Should you choose Adoption?

Pregnant Teenagers in Missouri: Should you choose Adoption?

By Andreia Pereira 

So you realized you’re pregnant, now what? You might think you have to go through with it, or maybe you’re not ready to be a parent. You actually have three choices: to become a parent, terminate the pregnancy, or choose adoption. Being a teen is already hard, going to school and juggling work, but adding a child is even more challenging. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, the process won’t seem so scary. We can provide counseling, financial support, housing, and more! If the baby is already here, we can also provide help!

I’m a Teen, Should I Choose Adoption?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing adoption. Many people think it’s only for unplanned pregnancies. However, there can be many reasons. You could be financially unable to have a child. You could be scared about becoming a parent. The birth father might not be supportive. Whatever the reason, choosing adoption can help in many positive ways. 

First, choosing adoption is free! We will be able to help you through the pregnancy and even after birth. Adoptions Choices of Missouri can help with financial support, safe housing, medical care, and support counseling. If you need emotional support through this tough time, please contact us. We would be happy to help! 

The 3 Types of Adoption

With adoption, you have three types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. 

  • Open adoption is when you and the adoptive family have information about each other. You can even choose the family you want to be adopted from. This included choosing ethnicity, religion, and more! You can keep each other updated through the pregnancy and even until after birth. You can get pictures or have in-person visits with the child. Both families can agree on how many visits or the length, depending on what’s best for the child. 
  • Semi-open adoption is in the middle, where information can be shared with you or via a third person/agency. You can get photos, emails, or any other information. You don’t need to visit the family after. 
  • Closed adoption is when no information is provided. You and the adoptive family will know little or nothing about each other. Adoption Choices of Missouri can choose the adoptive family for you.

The Steps in the Adoption Process

You might be thinking, how to give a baby up for adoption? The first step would be to contact us! There are many adoption agencies in Missouri. You can just click adoption agencies near me to find one near you. We can set up an in-person or phone appointment to meet with our Birth Parent counselor. Next is choosing what type of adoption plan you would want and setting up a financial budget. The counselor will give you information on potential adoptive families. After you choose a family, you’ll be able to talk to them or meet with them if you want. Throughout the process, we will be there to help. Once the due date is near, you can choose who will be at the hospital with you. The counselor will also be there to help you. After you give your final consent, the baby will leave with the adoptive family. You can always change your mind about adoption before you sign the final consent. After the birth, we can also help you with emotional support counseling. 

Want to Have a Voice in Your Teen Pregnancy?

As a teen, you might think that adults will take over the entire process, but that isn’t true. If you want to be involved in every part of the process, please contact us! It is your pregnancy, and you deserve to be represented in the way you want to. Whether you are 13 or 16, you will have a voice with us! 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800.