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Placing My Baby for Adoption as A Rape Victim

Placing My Baby for Adoption as A Rape Victim

By Nicholas Rodinos

It’s an uncomfortable truth that some babies are the result of sexual assault and domestic violence. According to the Rape Abuse Incest National Network, every 68 seconds, someone is the victim of sexual assault. That statistic is disheartening, however, there are ways to assert your autonomy and take control of your situation. You’re more than what happened to you, you’re more than a statistic, and you control what you do next.

There are several resources to help you cope with the horrendous thing that’s happened to you. Many victims of rape place their children for adoption, as they recognize that they cannot care for their children. Adoption agencies provide you with the ability to continue with your life and find homes for this child. These agencies put you in control of the adoption process and let you decide who raises the child. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri has years of experience helping sexual assault victims place their children for adoption. We can provide you with the resources to ensure your physical safety and counseling to ensure your mental health. Our agency provides you with control over the adoption process and ensures that your needs are met. We can help you plan the adoption of your child and take back control of your life.

Our Adoption Agencies Put Your Needs First

Our adoption agencies are understanding in cases of abuse, and our staff will provide you with the necessary sensitivity. You will oversee the adoption process, with the adoption staff trying to meet your needs. The adoption staff will explain the adoption process and support you in every move you make. Your adoption coordinator will be patient and won’t force you into any decision that you’re not ready to make.

Safe Housing During the Adoption Process

Several women need an accepting place that provides them with comfort while going through their unplanned pregnancies. Many adoption agencies near you provide shelter to birth mothers so they have one less thing on their minds. The housing provided is a safe place to gather and healthily express your thoughts whilst adapting to your situation. This housing is instrumental in helping women overcome and adapt to trauma and continue their journey of healing. 

Your Adoption Agency Will Find a Home for Your Baby

When it comes to adoption in Missouri, you have control over which adoptive parents raise your child. Adoption agencies in Missouri have a thorough process of looking into candidates’ financials and psychological demeanor. Our agency will try to listen to the qualities that you want in adoptive parents and find a match. We’ll help you find parents who will raise your child and be understanding of your situation and needs.

Adoption Agencies Can Provide Financial Support 

As part of adoption in Missouri, your agency will see if you qualify for financial support. The adoption agency may be able to cover the cost of rent, utilities, medical care, food, and legal fees. Our agency can take care of the cost of housing, transportation, and maternity clothes. We can provide you with free services such as adoption planning, birth planning, and counseling to ensure your healing.

Medical Care is Part of Adoption in Missouri

Adoption agencies near you can find doctors who specialize in assisting victims of assault. Your doctor will check your health, as well as the health of the baby. The doctor will provide tips on what to do to ensure the health of yourself and your child. The adoption agency staff can help you remember your doctor’s recommendations and help you follow your doctor’s orders.

Adoption Planning

Your agency will help you create an adoption plan and birth plan to help you adapt to your situation. You control how much contact you have with your child’s adoptive family and the forms of contact. Some birth mothers need to know about their children’s welfare, and some want to know while still having privacy. Adoption agencies in Missouri can help you plan your child’s adoption, birth, and communications with the adoptive parents. 

Counseling for Adoption and Abuse

The adoption agency will provide you with a counselor who can assist in your time of crisis. Your counselor will listen to your struggles with your trauma and help you create effective coping mechanisms. One coping mechanism your counselor may recommend discussing your mental health with a birth mother support group. This hypothetical birth mother support group may discuss:

  • Post-adoption grief and healthy ways to combat it.
  • The adoption process.
  • Ways of coping with trauma.
  • Finding the right adoptive parents.
  • Your feelings about the Missouri adoption process.

What you tell your adoption counselor is your decision, however, your counselor will provide you with understanding and empathy. Your counselor will be the epitome of compassion, patience, and emotional support that adoption agencies represent.

Adoption Agency Support

The trauma of sexual assault is as physically harmful as it is mentally harmful. Our agency will ensure your mental and physical health is given the care they need. We will make sure your needs are met, whilst you work through every step of the adoption process. Your adoption agency has the resources to help you and other victims heal and start a new chapter. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri can support you through this difficult time and provide you with the comfort you need. You will have complete control over the adoption process to ensure that your needs are heard, met, and understood. Our agency can provide you with medical care, counseling, housing, financial support, transportation, and other vital resources. Contact us if you need some form of adoption support or have questions about the adoption process.

Adoption Choices of Missouri ayuda a las víctimas de abuso físico y sexual proporcionándoles el asesoramiento y alojamiento necesarios. Esta agencia de adopción le brindará apoyo emocional y control del proceso de adopción durante sus momento de crisis. Nuestra agencia responde a sus preguntas sobre los padres adoptivos, el proceso de adopción y la adopción de bebes. Comuníquese con nuestra agencia e intentaremos brindarle recursos vitales, incluida la atención médica y la planificación de la adopción.