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Misconceptions about Missouri Birth mothers

Misconceptions about Missouri birth mothers

By Carl Roth

When weighing the possibility of giving a child up for adoption, distorted views of birth mothers become increasingly obtrusive. If you’re pregnant and considering adoption, having an unobstructed view of the adoption process is of considerable value. Your local adoption agency is familiar with all types of stigma commonly attached to an unplanned pregnancy. The more you know about Adoption in Missouri, the fewer unresolved questions and hesitations you’ll have. Birth mothers’ fears and hopes for adoption always necessitate reflection, and the fear of judgment is no exception. 

3 Common Adoption Misconceptions about Birth Mothers in Missouri

1. The Birth Mother Has No Control Over the Matching Process

The idea of not having a say in a personally impactful decision can leave anyone deeply unsettled. Choosing an adoptive family is one of the most important aspects of the adoption process for many birth mothers. Maybe you’re looking for a specific type of family or any that exudes compassion and a desire to welcome your baby. Regardless, birth mothers value the assurance of their children’s ideal placement in a loving home. We place the power of choice in the hands of the birth mother, so she decides where her child should ultimately be.

You get to evaluate prospective adoptive families and choose the family who will welcome your child. With an Adoption Choices of Missouri specialist alongside, there’s no worry if you’re not sure what to look for in an adoptive family. Because families wanting to adopt far outnumber birth mothers seeking adoption, the leverage is yours. Compassion is at the heart of adoption proceedings, and this is reflected in the connections made possible through private adoption. Whichever home you determine is ideal for your child’s growth, nobody can question the birth mother’s centrality to adoption success. 

2. People Will Judge You for Choosing Adoption

It’s not uncommon for parents to paint adoption as a negative example to their children. They would like their children to believe that adoption is somehow the result of a “mistake,” one to be actively avoided. Birth mothers especially feel the weight of exemplification, and the feeling can be burdensome if not properly addressed. These kinds of messages can make you feel like you’ve been on the wrong end of fate. However, fate doesn’t ask the opinion of those who’d judge its constituents. Your unplanned pregnancy did not occur for you to be made an example out of.

Whether you believe everything happens for a reason or not, there is indefectible good to be shared through this challenge. Birth mothers who pursue adoption are showing commendable strength in the face of adversity. An unplanned baby is just as priceless as any other. Therefore, blessing another family with yours demonstrates courage through distress. Unexpected trials can befall anyone at any time, and these challenges take many shapes and forms. Unexpectedly pregnant women who carefully think through and act on their situation with clarity and compassion exemplify remarkable maturity.

3. Your Choice to Adopt Will Define You

Many see the most difficult decisions in life as having the most bearing on one’s character. But what about your decisions’ bearing on your identity? Does a woman who chooses to place her baby for adoption become “the woman who placed her baby for adoption?” The link between choices and identity becomes much more complicated when put into context.

Choosing adoption as your unplanned pregnancy option is significant, but it doesn’t need to be who you are. Your identity consists of everything you value dearly and consider essential to understanding the puzzle that is you. Whether you deem your adoption journey as a piece of that puzzle will be completely up to you. Speaking with an Adoption Choices of Missouri birth mother counselor helps tremendously when dealing with adoption-related inner turmoil. 

Our experienced team has worked with birth mothers of all backgrounds and personalities, so they’re familiar with a spectrum of sentiments. They and our entire agency staff treat birth mothers and their concerns with the respect and dignity they deserve. Reaching out can start more clearly understanding what the adoption experience ultimately means for you. Choosing adoption doesn’t necessarily change who you are, which can be comforting to birth mothers on the fence. 

A starting point for Missouri adoption

As a potential birth mother, your well-being is a highly prioritized element of every possible adoption plan. Arranging a successful adoption journey for you and your child is our calling at Adoption Choices of Missouri. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, our resources make adoption in Missouri simpler for you. 

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