Why Does Adoption in Missouri Still Carry So Much Stigma?

Why Does Adoption in Missouri Still Carry So Much Stigma?

By Vidya Rajesh

If you are seeking adoption, you will be overwhelmed with loads of information. The information can be good, bad, or maybe even something you never expected. The thing that strikes you the most is the stigma surrounding adoption. Adoption stigmas affect many different people in many different ways. Only you can decide what is right for you and your baby. Adoption Choices in Missouri has recognized some of the stigmas/taboos and will help you deal with them.

Here are some common adoption stigmas that you can encounter:

1. Women Giving Away the Baby for Adoption are Too Lazy to Raise Their Child


Women who are thinking about giving a child up for adoption do so for various reasons. Maybe you are not financially strong enough to take care of a child in your present living situation. Or, because of an unplanned pregnancy, you are not mentally ready to raise a child. Whatever your reason is, it doesn’t mean that you do not love your child. In fact, you are seeking adoption because you care immensely for the child’s future.

Adoption means you are looking to find a good home for your child. And places like our adoption agencies in Missouri are here to help you find good homes and provide you with a full range of services to ensure safety, support and care.

2. Open Adoption in Missouri can Cause Complications

Open adoption is a type of adoption in which the birth and adoptive families are in contact with one another. After the adoption process, you may interact in various ways with the adoptive parents, as well as with your child. Interacting is not co-parenting. You are not trying to be the parent, but you are kept in the loop because you both love your child. Open adoption is a relationship built on trust and mutual love for a child. These roles aren’t clearly defined in society.

In an open adoption, there are more people to love your child. Your child won’t have to search for their biological relatives.

3. Fear of Having No Control Over the Adoption Process

When you decide to give a child up for adoption, the process is typically a lot longer than just dropping the child off at an adoption agency near you. A great deal of stress usually comes if you feel you will have no say in the adoption process. In those situations, Adoption Choices of Missouri approaches you with an adoption plan to make the journey go smoothly.

The adoption process also usually goes on throughout your entire or remaining pregnancy. It is a very meticulous process where factors like your adoption options, your needs, and who the adoptive family is will be decided.

4. The Adopted Child Grows Up Feeling Ashamed

This can happen when the child doesn’t know their birth parents, which is the case of a closed adoption. Children who grow up without any knowledge of their birth parents usually wonder why their birth parents decided to do so. This can lead to confusion and low self-esteem. Now adoption agencies encourage open adoption in Missouri, where birth parents and their children know each other. Adopted children can talk with their birth parents and get the answers to their questions.

It is important to know that the adoptive child will likely not grow up feeling ashamed. Their adoptive parents will give them all the love they need. However, if you are having an open adoption, it can be beneficial for you and the adoptive parents to talk to the child at an early age and let them know they are adopted. This ensures that adoption is normal. Being honest strengthens the bond between the adopted child and the adoptive parents. Therefore it can be very important to let the child know about you and normalize the situation. If you and the adoptive parents work together, the child will grow up to be confident and have a unique sense of identity. However, each adoption is different. If you feel it is better not to be involved, then you should do just that.

5. The Adoption Process can be Exhausting

There is a stigma about adoption being too complicated and not worth the effort. The truth is, adoption is not an easy process. But It doesn’t necessarily drain you of all your emotional energy.

Do not worry. Adoption in Missouri is not a solo ride. Our adoption agencies in Missouri will support you throughout the journey. They offer you many adoption options to help pair you with an ideal family for your child.

6. “Considering Adoption for My Baby” Means You Do Not Love Your Baby

This general stigma is that birth mothers are giving up a child for adoption because they do not love them. This is so far from the truth. Contrary to this belief, birth mothers love their unborn children so much that they sacrifice the joy of parenting for the sake of a better home for their children. If you are unable to provide the necessary parental care, you turn to an adoption agency near you for assistance.

Stay positive and never give in to guilt or regret. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers all the options that will help you make the best decision in the interest of your child. Look up Adoption agencies near me and you will find assistance.

7. Who is Fit to Adopt My Child? What is the Adoption Process?

Another stigma is that only the ‘ideal’ couple can adopt a child. This is false as there is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ couple. Practically everyone has the potential to adopt a child. It really doesn’t matter if they are a single parent wanting to raise a child or an LGBTQ+ couple that wants to start a family or an old person as long as they can provide for the child.

Adoption Choices of Missouri will carefully select from the prospective adoptive parents and pair them with the birth parents. As long as they have the capacity to support and provide for the child, anyone can be an adoptive parent.

Do Not Let These Stigmas Intimidate You, Create an Adoption Plan with Us!

Every human comes with their own mindset of what is good and bad for them. We all should evolve and improve as a community. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you can get a lot of support from adoption agencies. Adoption Choices of Missouri addresses the stigmas and taboos associated with the adoption process. By discussing the fears, showing empathy, respecting one another, and tackling the stigmas surrounding adoption, we can work towards creating better spaces for everyone.