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Feelings to Expect When Choosing Missouri Adoption

Feelings to Expect When Choosing Missouri Adoption

Adoption is a complex and emotional process for every mother. There are many reasons you might consider adoption. For example, you might have an unplanned pregnancy or just can’t care for the child at the moment. Whatever your situation, just know that everything will be okay, and it’s not the end of the world. You will get through this. When it comes to placing your baby for adoption, you will have many thoughts and feelings. Most of the time, you could feel negative emotions depending on the situation and where you are in your journey. You might even feel embarrassed or confused about how you feel. However, that is completely normal because you’ve never been in this situation, and you need to have faith that you’ll overcome this challenge. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency in Missouri that offers birth mothers the help they need during the adoption process. We offer adoption services such as financial aid, help with medical care, housing, pregnancy support, and counseling. 

How Should I Feel to Expect When Choosing Adoption?

Every mother’s adoption journey is different and full of emotion. Regardless of the situation, below are some common feelings you will most likely experience during the process. They include guilt, sadness, shock, obsession, and peace.

  • Guilt: You may feel guilty even thinking about putting a child up for adoption. After all, no one plans for it, and everyone hopes they’re never in such a situation. Whether it be an unexpected pregnancy or you believe your baby will have a better future with another family, adoption is always an option that makes most mothers feel bad about themselves. However, you need to realize that putting your baby up for adoption doesn’t make you a bad or irresponsible person. It may just not be the right time for you or your baby, and you’ve done the right thing coming to acknowledge this. 
  • Sadness: Once you realize that adoption is the path you’re taking, you may fall into a depressive state. Your world may feel like it’s falling apart, and you aren’t worthy of being a mother in the first place, but you want to keep your baby at the same time. Your mind goes to a dark place, and your heart is hurting. You’re lost and confused as you’ve never been in your life because you don’t know what to do. Still, you will get through this. You’ll realize in time that your child will have a bright future with people who love them and will care for them. Your world will light up again. 
  • Shock: When reality sets in, you will feel shocked. You may question everything. “Why is this happening to me?” “Where did I go wrong?” “What is another option?” “Why did it come down to this?” No matter how many questions come to mind, nothing will feel real. You don’t want to accept the reality, and you’re in denial. Even so, you’ll come around, and you’ll realize that everything will be alright. You will get through this and realize that this is the path that was meant to be because it’s the best path for you and your child, given your situation. 
  • Obsession: You might regret even thinking about adoption. You may start to obsess over your baby and feel the need to keep them after all. Letting them go just seems impossible for you. While it seems like adoption was the wrong option, and you’re heavily considering keeping your baby, you’ll accept the fact that adoption is the right choice in the end; your baby will have a good life because they’ll have people who love and care for them.
  • Peace: In the end, you will feel relieved and happy knowing you chose adoption in MO. Even if it doesn’t seem like it for the first day, first week, month, or even year, you will see that you made the right choice. You’ll come to accept the fact that what you did was right, and you will finally be at peace with your decision. You won’t blame yourself or feel bad anymore. 

Your Adoption and Adoption in Missouri

Adoption is a challenging journey for all mothers, but there is support to help them through it. Adoption Choices of Missouri have resources such as counseling and educational information to help you in this difficult time. We will be there for you and ensure that you have the assistance you need to get through this hard and strenuous process. You are not alone, and we care about you. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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