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I’m Pregnant and Choosing Adoption, Do I Have to Work with an Adoption Agency?

I’m Pregnant and Choosing Adoption, Do I Have to Work with an Adoption Agency?

By Sarah Ford

The process of giving a child up for adoption can be overwhelming. It’s easy to feel lost when making a decision like this.​ Many factors have to be considered, including what type of adoption is right for you and your child. Everyone’s adoption journey will be different, and you should know that you have options. But what are these options? Am I required to work with an adoption agency? How do I make the right decision for my child?  

Navigating your options for unplanned pregnancy and adoption can be grueling, and so can finding answers to these questions. It’s important for you to be able to make an informed decision based on your situation and particular needs. This will make the right choice different for everyone. If you have chosen adoption in Missouri and are looking for answers, Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you. 

What are My Adoption Options?

There are different adoption options, and each can fit various needs. These options can include public adoption, private adoption, and independent adoption. But what are their differences, and how do they work? 

  • Public – A public adoption refers to adoptions done through your state. This option does not involve personalized plans and decisions made by the birth mother. Public adoption also implies the direct involvement of foster care systems and the termination of parental rights by the state.
  • Private – A private adoption is done through a private agency. Support and assistance are involved. This can include financial help, counseling, and additional support to both the birth mother and adoptive parents. In private adoption, you can create an adoption plan and choose the specific family for your child. 
  • Independent – Independent adoption refers to adoptions without the assistance and involvement of a private agency or your local state. They are done directly with an adoptive family. Independent adoption implies an adoption without the support, counsel, and resources of a licensed agency. 

 Your situation will be different from others. When seeking pregnant help, it’s important to remember that you have options to choose from regardless of your circumstances. Each option might be right for some and not others. We want to help you make the best decision for you and your baby, no matter what that might be.

Is Working with a Private Adoption Agency the Right Choice? 

The challenges of facing an unplanned pregnancy can be staggering. Support during this time can be vital, and that support won’t look the same for everyone. This is important to remember when choosing to work with an adoption agency or not. Though there are benefits, working with a private adoption agency is not required. The type of adoption that adheres most to your needs will be the best answer for you. You might be prepared to work directly with an adoptive family or your state. If not, private adoption agencies can help you. 

Working with a private agency can provide adoption services to you that can make your journey with adoption reassuring. These services can include licensed resources, financial support, counseling, and more. If this is what you want in your adoption process, then working with a private Missouri adoption agency might be best for you. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we will give you all the support you need. We seek to make your adoption journey as stress-free and secure as possible.

What Will a Private Adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri Do for Me? 

Private adoption provides the ability to play a direct role in your child’s adoption. Working with a private agency additionally provides benefits that can make your adoption journey easier. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a private and fully licensed agency that can help you. You can create a completely personalized adoption plan that will fit all your wishes for your child. You will additionally receive all the support that you might need. 

Choosing to work with a local adoption agency can be scary. Our team of caring professionals at Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to feel safe and secure in your decisions. Your wishes and preferences matter to us, and we will provide counsel and support for you in every way possible. We know that everyone’s circumstances and wishes are different. This is why we provide resources, financial assistance, and emotional support to create the best adoption journey for you. 

How Can I Make the Right Adoption Decision? 

But what is the right decision for me? When considering adoption options that are right for you, it is important to reflect on your current resources and values. The right type of adoption for you will be individual to you and your situation. You might be seeking vital resources and support in your adoption journey, as well as the ability to make decisions for your child. If so, a private adoption through an agency may be right for you. If not, that is ok too! 

Everyone’s adoption journey will be unique. It’s important to reflect on you and what you need during this time, and Adoption Choices of Missouri is committed to helping you do that. If you’re looking at your options to put my baby up for adoption in your area and have questions, our team is here to help you. We want you to have the best possible experience in your adoption journey, and our professional team wants to support you in any way you need. 

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What Role Does Race Play When Choosing Adoption? 

What Role Does Race Play When Choosing Adoption? 

By Sarah Ford 

There are many challenges and obstacles faced when seeking pregnant help and choosing adoption. Finding the right adoption agency for you in Missouri can be extensive. Several questions and concerns emerge, especially when forming an adoption plan. One of these concerns that can spark worry is race. Does race matter in adoption? Is an adoptive family of the same race right for my child? Will my child get the love and support they need in a family of a different race?

These are relevant areas to consider when seeking adoption agencies near me. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, you have control of decisions regarding your child’s adoption. Your adoption plan will fit all of your desires and preferences for your child. Our adoption specialists are here to provide information and answer questions in this process, including those about race. 

Is Race An Important Factor For Me To Consider When Choosing Adoption? 

When forming your adoption plan, you can choose the specific adoptive family for your child. This includes choosing an adoptive family of the same or different race. But what makes race a factor in adoption? The acknowledgment and celebration of your child’s ethnic background are important. A comfortable environment for racial identity and heritage to thrive is part of a loving home. You might also have specific preferences for your adoptive family, making discussions around this topic worthwhile in your adoption process.

There are many societal expectations and unconscious biases surrounding race in adoption. Pressure from family and community can further influence this decision. People might assume that a family of the same or different race is the better choice. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, the decision is yours only. Your wishes for your child are significant, and expectations and social pressure can be hard to navigate. This is why we offer counseling and resources to assist you in your decision, whatever that decision is. 

How Can Transracial Adoption Work? 

What if the adoptive family you have chosen for your child meets all of your preferences but is of a different race? Though there are challenges, transracial families can thrive. But what does that look like? Your child’s racial identity should never be ignored, making the representation of cultural and ethnic heritage in the home paramount. Involving traditions, holidays, and cultural practices in everyday life can help accomplish this. A safe and conversational environment is also valuable when celebrating and nurturing racial identity. We encourage this in transracial families to promote a space for connection and identity to thrive. 

Transracial families face unique struggles. They have the job of navigating social biases while ensuring a safe place for racial identity to flourish. Although there is social pressure and expectations for these families, their differences can bring people together. Incorporation of diversity in a family is a beautiful process and can be embraced rather than feared. Though there may be difficulties in transracial adoption, a loving and supportive home that embraces racial identity is possible. We support open conversations within transracial families through these challenges. Celebration of ethnic heritage within the home is priceless, and there are resources to help transracial families do so. 

What Is The Right Decision To Make Regarding Race In Adoption?

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, your values and wishes for your child drive your adoption plan. If your preference is for your child to be in an adoptive family of the same race, then your adoption plan will reflect this. If your preferences for your child align with a family of a different race, then that is ok! The right decision will vary for everyone, and your confidence and comfort in making your adoption plan are vital to us. We will provide support, resources, and counseling to help you along the way. 

Your preferences for your adoption plan matter, making these conversations valuable as you choose the right home for your child. Discussions around race in adoption can be complex and scary, but they don’t have to be. Each of your questions and concerns is valid, and our adoption specialists are here to answer them. We want your child to be in a loving and nurturing home, regardless of the race of the adoptive family. 

Why Is This Important At Adoption Choices of Missouri? 

Seeking pregnant help can be overwhelming, and so can choosing adoption. Adoption Choices of Missouri will work with you and your wishes for your child to create an adoption plan. A loving and nurturing home is significant, and so are your preferences. For these reasons, we promote open discussions about various factors in your adoption decision. This includes the topic of race in your decision. We want you to be assured and secure in your plan. Our adoption specialists are committed to supporting and providing information for you in this process. 

If you’re considering choosing adoption in Missouri and have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our caring team. Navigating the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy isn’t easy to do alone. For this reason, we are committed to being the support system you need. We want to be part of your journey, supporting and helping you with every complexity and concern you may have.