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Can I Put My Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri?

Can I Put My Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri?

By Jonathan Tick

What are the criteria a birth mother must know if they want to give their baby up for adoption? Perhaps there are some special hoops or conditions a birth mother may have to go through to become eligible for adoption. Or, maybe the process is a lot simpler than sources and other places may make it out to be. While the adoption process may be very involved, the path to starting it may not be. However, for pregnant women considering adoption in Missouri, your path to becoming a birth mother may be simpler than you think. Here, we’ll go through the steps that begin the adoption process and what a birth mother can expect to happen if she signs up with a private adoption agency like us.  

Am I Able to Put My Baby Up for Adoption?

The first question pregnant women may have is wondering how to give a baby up for adoption. Or whether or not it’s possible or not. The answer to that question is a simple yes. Since none of our adoption agencies in Missouri turns away any birth mother who seeks adoption, we believe that every birth mother reserves the right to choose adoption if they want. So you can rest assured that you’ll only be welcomed when you approach our doorstep.  

After that, you’ll be settled in with an adoption specialist who will help run you through the early steps in your adoption. You may ask questions during this time to help clear up any confusion. And your adoption specialist will provide you with some paperwork to sign and look through to start the adoption process. This part is crucial as it lays out the foundation of what the birth mother should expect. Then, if the birth mother doesn’t believe adoption is right for her, she can back out. No questions asked.  

Creating an Adoption Plan in Missouri

This part will change a bit depending on when you decide that adoption is the choice for you during your pregnancy. Regardless, the process up until your baby’s birth will more or less be the same. Just with some varying time restraints that may come up if you decide on adoption later in your pregnancy.  

Once you sign on, you’ll be given the opportunity to begin an adoption plan where Adoption Choices of Missouri gives birth mothers the opportunity to decide how their adoption will go. Your adoption specialist may give you general guidelines on how things will go. But aside from that framework, your adoption plan will be however you decide to build it. Featuring various care options ranging from financial care on necessities to medical care. This way, the adoption plan becomes a unique care plan specifically catered to each birth mother’s needs. A custom-made journey that makes every Missouri birth mother special and unique to everyone else.  

Not only that, but you will also get the chance to decide on your baby’s form of adoption and birthplace. Thus further personalizing your adoption experience where you will be the person deciding who and where your baby will end up. This care will continue at least until your baby’s a due date. And will be provided for a while to ensure that both you and your baby are happy and well. During this time, you will also have the right to a consent timer that must be waited out. This consent timer is set to 48 hours and is what must be waited out before you can consent to offer your baby up for adoption. As well as acknowledging that your parental rights will end once you’ve given up that right.  

Adoption Post-Birth 

Depending on the kind of adoption you choose, a whole host of options can open up to you. Choosing open adoption allows your adoption in Missouri to become more involved in your child’s life. For example, you can arrange forms of communication with your child’s adoptive parents. Through our adoption agencies in Missouri, we will let you exchange letters, among other things, through our adoption centers. Thus letting you form a bond between you and your child for many years to come.  

Despite what birth mothers may think, Adoption Choices of Missouri welcomes all birth mothers, no matter where they come from. We believe that all birthmothers deserve a chance to pursue adoption if they want. And should at least be allowed to pursue it regardless if they want to take it or not. Just know that our doors are always open. And if you take the plunge, know that you’re doing it not just for your baby’s benefit but your own.  Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800.

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Does Roe v Wade Affect My Adoption in Missouri?

Does Roe v Wade Affect My Adoption in Missouri?

By Jonathan Tick

On Friday, June 24th, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned the judgment passed over the case of Roe v Wade. Thus choosing to terminate a pregnancy is no longer a constitutional right for birth mothers. And left the choice to legalize abortion a matter for the states to deal with rather than the federal government.  

If you were a birth mother considering adoption, chances are you are wondering how this may affect you. What does this mean for you and your baby now that Roe v Wade was overturned? In short, the effects may be a lot less severe than you may think. And if you have any further questions after reading this post, please contact one of our adoption agencies in Missouri. They’ll be able to answer any question you may have and can help you get started on the adoption process too.

Adoption vs. Other Alternatives

The first thing to consider regarding Roe v Wade is what was being overturned in the first place. The Supreme Court overturning the case meant that only abortion as a constitutional right was affected, not adoption. This means that any birth woman wondering how to give a baby up for adoption can still pursue that. So the situation of adoption in Missouri hasn’t significantly changed when you compare it from before Roe v Wade to after.

That being said, it might still be a good idea to familiarize yourself with local adoption laws. Since every state has its own set of guidelines that birth mothers must follow if they want to adopt out their baby. Missouri, for instance, requires a change in custody to be approved by the court before an adoption can proceed. So if you’re thinking, “I want to put my baby up for adoption,” familiarize yourself with local laws. Or, contact one of our adoption agencies if you want someone else to help you understand.

Then Does that Make Adoption Easier?

If adoption isn’t affected, that must mean it’s more readily available, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Adoption shouldn’t be considered the ‘easy way out’ for birth mothers. Instead, it should be seen as one of several options that birth mothers have when approaching an unplanned pregnancy.  

The processes for both abortion and adoption differ heavily from one another. Each choice has its own trials and tribulations a birth mother must overcome. And both require the birth mother to be heavily involved in different ways. Therefore, a birth mother should not consider adoption to be an alternative. Adoption Choices of Missouri is willing to help all birth mothers who wish to go through this life-changing event. But at the same time, we want birth mothers to remain committed to the adoption process. After all, they will have to carry the baby to term and birth them. Without this, the experience may cause unnecessary stress for the pregnant woman at the end of the day.  

What Will Happen if I Choose Adoption?

Considering adoption with us will give you access to the best care we can provide you. You will be in charge of an adoption plan after you sign up with one of our adoption agencies in Missouri. Which is something that lets birth mothers dictate the way their adoption will progress. Your adoption journey may be pretty long and may require a lot of effort on your part. So we feel like giving birth mothers this chance to take control can help alleviate any stress they may have.

Your adoption in Missouri may also give you the chance to know your child in the future. Most adoptions these days don’t have birth parents leave their child and never see them again. Open adoption, as it’s called, allows birth parents some access to their child growing up if so desired. Thus giving both parent and child updates on each other. As well as improve a birth parent’s confidence in knowing that they made the right decision in choosing adoption.  

How We at Adoption Choices of Missouri Can Help

Roe v Wade did shake things up for women deciding what to do with their pregnancies nationwide. And while abortion for many states is up in the air, adoption is not as affected as people may think. Putting a baby up for adoption requires a different mindset than other alternatives. Meaning that women who decided or were thinking of adopting their baby were probably settling on that choice already.

That being said, choosing adoption is a very big decision. And if you’re committed to the leap, then our adoption agencies will welcome you with open arms. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800 

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Choosing Adoption as a Teenage Birth Mother

Choosing Adoption as a Teenage Birth Mother

By Jonathan Tick

A teenage birth mother may feel like they have nowhere to go. The idea of becoming a mother at such a young age is inconceivable for many. And you’re not alone in thinking that way. As a result, you may be looking for a solution to your situation. And to that end, choosing adoption as a teenage birth mother may be just what you need. It might be scary at first, but choosing adoption in Missouri could be just what you need. Here we’ll explain what it means to become a birth mother in Missouri. As well as how to give a baby up for adoption. And what that will mean for you and your baby’s future.   

Getting Started with the Adoption Process

You’ll begin your adoption journey by talking to one of our office staff, who can help answer your questions. Then, decide for yourself if adoption is right for you. There are no wrong choices, and Adoption Choices of Missouri will honor your decision regardless. If you do decide to stick with adoption, tell our office staff. They’ll connect you to an adoption specialist who will help you through the first few steps of your adoption. This may include some basic information about what will happen during the adoption process. As well as some paperwork you will need to fill out for documentation, which includes signing over your parental rights. All birth mothers go through this process, and our staff is committed to helping you through this journey. After the initial documentation, it’s time for the adoption plan to be set into motion.

The Adoption Plan

While it may sound like a strict schedule initially, in reality, the adoption plan is quite the opposite. Adoption Choices of Missouri believes that all birth mothers should have power over their adoption as we believe this is the best way for them to be satisfied with their decisions. And feel like they have power over their adoption process.

The adoption plan starts when your adoption specialist lays out different care options. This can include various forms of care and therapy, which are provided so birth mothers have a chance to talk to counselors and work out things during the adoption, as well as various forms of financial care that can cover things like food and rent. Teen mothers may experience different forms of this kind of care, however. So be sure to ask your adoption specialist for what you qualify for since every birth mother’s needs differ due to varying backgrounds or other factors.  

Post-Placement and Openness

So, you go through your entire adoption plan and arrive at the end with your baby’s birth. Your adoption specialist may have asked you what kind of adoption you like before this. Putting a baby up for adoption comes with a degree of ‘openness.’ And for teen mothers, this choice is usually no different. Openness refers to how many contacts a birth mother will have with their baby after birth. And this decision will be made at your discretion based on what you want for your baby. Do you still want to see your baby? Open adoption may be for you. Would you rather not see your child in the future? A closed adoption protects your privacy from both your baby and their adoptive parents.  

And if you thought care stops after birth, think again. Your adoption in Missouri continues past the baby’s birth with post-placement care. Where you may spend a few more months under our adoption agencies’ care, this will include another round of counseling or medical care like your adoption plan. We do this to ensure that you’re alright and can get back on your feet. Since recovering from afterbirth can take some time. And we want you to be cared for as you’re recuperating from birth. Once you do, you’ll be right as rain, and your adoption journey will be over.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri takes in all kinds of birth mothers, no matter their background. We believe that all birth mothers, no matter their age, deserve the choice of considering adoption. And we hope that after taking the plunge, you’ll come out as happy with your experience as others before you. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800


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What if I Don’t Want any Counseling After the Adoption Process?

What if I Don’t Need any Counseling After the Adoption Process?

By Jonathan Tick

A birth mother’s choice for choosing adoption in Missouri should be hers and hers alone. Some women may view the adoption process as a positive experience worth sharing or treasuring. While others may see it as a part of their lives that they’d rather not talk about. Both ways of thinking are valid, and Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to feel comfortable with your decisions.

So how does the adoption process change if a birth mother just wants to give a child up for adoption? Below are a few ways your adoption process may or may not change if you opt out of additional support and a few things to consider if you are choosing to abstain from some of our adoption agencies’ resources.

What Changes in the Adoption Plan?

For the most part, the adoption plan doesn’t really change. You are in charge from the moment you step into one of our local adoption agencies. So naturally, any support you want from our adoption agencies in Missouri is open to you. How much or how little support you want is also completely up to you as well. However, your adoption specialist may or may not suggest some options for you to take while you work with us. That being said, those are just suggestions.  

As for what gets affected, any kind of support can be altered by this. Therapy, financial support, and other forms of pregnancy care can be provided as much or as little as you want. The adoption plan is something that can only be crafted or adjusted by you.

Can I Still Work with My Local Adoption Agency Regardless?

Of course! Even if you’re opting out of pregnancy care, there are still a lot of ways we can help you.  

Adoption in Missouri is usually a more involved process than most people realize. For instance, if you’re thinking about going through with open adoption or not. Birth mothers who want to keep a connection with their child after birth are becoming more common as of late. And facilitating that future lifelong connection requires a lot of help and assistance from your local adoption agency.  

Our adoption agencies in Missouri have a huge list of available families just waiting to take a baby home. And a resource like that wouldn’t be possible if you weren’t partnering up with Adoption Choices of Missouri. Our screening process lets all kinds of different families and guardian pairs become future parents. So from the rainbow of options available, we hope you’ll be able to find one that you like. If not, we’ll get you more so that you can pinpoint the perfect family for your baby.  

After the birth, any privacy or line of communication will also be something that we handle on our end. These options exist because many birth mothers want different things with their Missouri adoption. Rest assured, your identity will remain a mystery to your baby’s adoptive family if you choose to keep it hidden. And your right to know how your baby is doing will be secured if you want a connection after birth.  

Are There Other Things to Consider?

For all intents and purposes, it’s within the mother’s right to reject all forms of support if she wants to. That being said, there’s one thing that we highly recommend you seek help on regardless: legal help.  

Due to the legal complexities of adoption, getting legal help if you’re pregnant and considering adoption is highly recommended. Knowing your rights as a birth mother in regards to your baby can be very useful. Especially if you ever feel uncomfortable or if something feels off during your adoption process.  

Legal counsel can especially be helpful in the case of an unsupportive birth father. Who may or may not be fighting to secure his rights of parenthood in the face of you adopting out your baby. This kind of situation can create a kind of ‘legal hell’ that some birth mothers just aren’t equipped to deal with. So taking advantage of our legal resources in spite of not wanting support may be useful in the long run. And even if you don’t see a point, at least you know your legal boundaries as a birth mother. So that’s nice to know about.  ]

Choosing Not to Pursue Counseling After the Adoption Process

At the end of the day, your right to be supported either financially or through counseling is entirely up to you. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to feel comfortable with the decisions you make. So if that means that you want us to lessen the amount of support provided, we’ll do just that. However, it’s strongly recommended to consider even just a few of the options offered by your adoption specialist. As you never know what kind of situation may arise during your adoption process. And when it comes to the safety of you and your baby, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800


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Why Does Missouri Adoption Still Carry So Much Stigma?

Why Does Missouri Adoption Still Carry So Much Stigma?

By Jonathan Tick

There can be some negative feelings for birth mothers when they think about pursuing adoption in Missouri. While adoption has become more common, the stigmas surrounding adoption have also stuck around. As a result, some birth mothers think giving a baby up for adoption might not be their best option.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to reassure birth mothers that adoption is better than what those stigmas say. You may feel unsure about the decision to pursue adoption, and that’s ok. However, we want you to choose what’s best for your unplanned pregnancy. Below are a few stigmas and stereotypes about adoption and how they compare to how adoption works.

1) Birth Mothers Are Too Lazy to Take Care of a Child

While it’s true that birth mothers have reasons to seek adoption at a local adoption agency, laziness usually isn’t why. Birth mothers who seek our adoption agencies in Missouri can have many different reasons why they’re seeking adoption. Maybe they believe that they’re not mentally fit to raise a child. Or maybe their home situation they think isn’t suitable to raise a child. These reasons usually keep the child in mind. And the mothers don’t see their baby as something disposable or something they can pawn off at an adoption center.  

2) Adoption is as Simple as Dropping Off the Baby

The adoption process is much longer and more involved than people think. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, the birth mother is there controlling every step of the process via their adoption plan. This process usually spans the entirety of their pregnancy up to the baby’s birth. This is because we believe that the birth mother should control their and their baby’s future so that she can feel confident in her choices and decide for herself what’s ultimately who or what is best for their child.

3) Birth Mothers Never See Their Children Again

It’s true that birth mothers in the past never saw their children again once they were adopted. But these days, the opposite is happening more and more. These new forms of adoption are referred to as ‘open adoptions. ’Where the birth mother stays in touch with their baby and adoptive family once the baby is born.    

When choosing adoption in Missouri, birth mothers are given the option to keep in contact with their baby. If they do so, regular contact is done at the birth mother and adopted family’s discretion. This way, children no longer have to wonder where they come from. And they can potentially embrace their identity as an adopted child knowing that their mother was thinking of their future. Instead of wondering forever about the reason why their birth parents didn’t want them.  

4) Adoption Creates ‘Irregular’ Families

As time marches, the idea of ‘regular’ families has become increasingly muddied. LGBTQ+ families, families with divorced parents, and other combinations of guardians have become more common than nuclear families. As such, the argument that adoption creates irregular families becomes something harder to argue for.  

Not only that, but adopted children are more likely to feel even more loved by their adopted family. Especially since our parent screening process usually selects families willing to care for their newly adopted children.  

5) Adopted Children Will Hate that They Were Adopted Out

This stigma usually comes from classmates teasing the adopted child about the fact that they were adopted. Or because of other things like not knowing who their parents are due to never talking to their birth parents. These factors can contribute to a negative outlook from the child. And can dampen their mood and feelings about their situation as an adopted child.  

While this negativity hasn’t completely gone away, adoption has slowly been seen in a much better light. And many outlets on social media look at the practice positively instead of as something to be ashamed of. Which are some positive ways an adopted child can see their situation as something to be proud of and cherish.

6) Only Certain People Can Adopt Children

Adoption agencies may have strict screening processes, but the criteria they’re looking at are looser than you may think. Adoption Choices of Missouri screens every potential family to ensure they can take care of the child. Either by ensuring they have a good enough environment to raise the child or by knowing their willingness to care for them.  

While it may seem strict at first, in reality, many different kinds of people can become adoptive parents. We have files of single parents, LGBTQ+ parents, and a whole list of other combinations as potential adoptive families. Our goal is to ensure that every child makes it to a good home ready to take care of them, as that’s how the birth mothers and we ultimately decide that you get the opportunity to care for their child.  

So if you’re looking to adopt, Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800

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Adoption in Missouri when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

Adoption in Missouri when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive

By Jonathan Tick

There are situations where birth mothers are by themselves deciding how to put a child up for adoption. But in other cases, birth mothers have a partner who stands by them when they seek pregnancy help. Most of the time, birth mothers in Missouri have birth fathers who support their decision to seek out local adoption agencies. But this may not be the case for all birth mothers in Missouri in that situation. Below are recommended steps or suggestions to take for adoption in Missouri when the birth father is unknown or unsupportive.

What to do if the Baby’s Birth Father is Unknown

Out of the two possible scenarios here, not knowing who the birth father is the easier of the two situations. However, it does still come with its difficulties and challenges. For the most part, your adoption process can continue without the need for the birth father’s consent. Missouri state law mentions that consent from a birth parent isn’t needed if their identity can’t be found out. So if his identity is unknown by all parties involved, he likely has no legal way to interfere with the adoption process.

But if you have any information regarding who the birth father can be, let your adoption specialist and counselors know. Just like how the adoption plan can differ from woman to woman, so can the situation regarding the birth father and his rights. And if you’re in a similar situation and thinking about adoption, please seek adoption agencies near you as they will be able to guide you through the legal hurdles that can come from seeking adoption.

Adoption When the Baby’s Birth Father is Unsupportive

These situations usually involve the birth father still intending to enact his rights as the child’s biological father. In cases like these, an unsupportive birth father must show that he is capable of supporting the child on his own. And that he has the willingness to provide for the child to be granted custody. Not fulfilling these requirements will make it unlikely for him to be granted custody. And the adoption process can then continue as normal.   

Birth fathers can also be deemed unfit for a myriad of other reasons, including but not limited to varying allegations or disabilities that can deem them, unfit parents. If you have any further questions regarding an unsupportive birth father, please contact your local adoption agency for help. Knowing your rights and the rights of the birth father will help decide the best course of action for your baby. After all, your baby’s future is being decided at the end of the day.

Another option not involving your Missouri adoption agency is to talk it out with the child’s birth father. Try and teach him about the benefits of adoption. Maybe explain to him how and why you’re putting a child up for adoption. And what benefits your child will receive once they’re in the hands of their adoptive family. Doing so can establish a mutual understanding of why adoption is a positive decision in the long run. And can even bring the unsupportive birth father to support the choice for adoption in some cases.  

How can Adoptive Mothers Help Birth Mothers when the Birth Father is Unknown or Unsupportive?

A birth father can be a difficult obstacle during the adoption process. Whether or not they’re unknown or unsupportive of the decision, they will most likely impact your adoption process. When you’re looking at how to put a baby up for adoption, seeking legal help from the sources around you is advised. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants to be there to help you through these tough times. Our resources can help provide you with legal help during your pregnancy. And be there to make sure your adoption in Missouri goes as smoothly as possible. So that even though the toughest of times, both you and your child are supported throughout your time with us. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800.

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Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

By Jonathan Tick

When choosing your child’s adoptive parents at your local adoption agency, birth mothers may think couples are the best option. After all, when thinking about how to put a child up for adoption, you want your child to end up somewhere safe you are even considering a single woman adoption. And with two parents by your child’s side, naturally, you think that that’ll be a better home.

However, that’s not always the case. And there are legitimate reasons for picking women who wish to be single mothers for your child. So if you’re still unsure and want to be pregnant and seeking help, contact Adoption Choices of Missouri. And our local adoption agencies will be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.  

1. Potential Fractured Marriages

As divorce rates have increased over the past few years, the potential for splits in adoptive parents has become possible. Divorce, no matter when it happens, can impact a child negatively. They could change their relationship with their adoptive parents for the worse.  

By comparison, single parents avoid this pitfall altogether. And can provide more for the child on account of the family consisting of only them and their adoptive child. Thus giving the child their undivided attention without any possible drama that can come about from an unsatisfied partner.  

2. Full Stability

A single mother who’s seeking to adopt at a local adoption agency is usually one who can fully support herself. All potential adoptive parents are carefully considered and approved by our staff at Adoption Choices of Missouri. And will not be considered as potential parents if they do not meet certain criteria like being able to support your child.  

Because of this, we can assure you only safe options to pick from when you’re looking at how to put a child up for adoption. Likewise, we want to reassure you that you get only the best parent options from Missouri when you’re pregnant and considering adoption.

3. Privacy

If you’re picking out your child’s adoptive parents, your adoption plan is leaning towards openness for your child’s adoption. You will contact your child’s future adoptive mother directly if you opt for single-parent adoption. Once you’ve received your pregnant help, you will become a biological mother and will have some contact with your child and their adoptive parent.

In the case of single-parent adoption, this contact becomes much easier to set up. There is no extra partner or other hoops to jump through when deciding to see your child for a visit. It’ll just be a decision between you and another person for a much easier time and agreement.  

4. Full Attention and Care

A single woman who decides to be a single mother understands what it means to raise a child by herself. The amount of attention and care a child needs and the various additional expenses that come from raising a child. They are women who are fully devoted to caring for the child they will adopt. Promise a brighter future for your child if they are the lucky woman to get the chance.  

This can further establish a stronger bond between your child and their adoptive mother. The time and attention put towards their development can foster a close connection of trust unique to single parents. And since it’s only them and their adoptive parent, your child will become more responsible. After all, washing the dishes after dinner or helping out during laundry are nice gestures.

Single Woman Adoption in Missouri

Finally, single mothers are likely to have a strong group of friends or family willing to help them in times of need. Temporary babysitters like close siblings, parents, or friends can expand an adopted child’s social circle. Giving them the chance to interact with more people and explore with the people outside their homes. This can help cull shyness at an early age. Giving them the chance to be more social and bolder when making friends at school.

While the stigma against single parents is prevalent, this should not deter you from choosing single mothers. Choosing single parents as parents for adoption in Missouri provides your child with a uniquely nurturing environment. One that fosters a great deal of care and attention towards your child’s development. Ensuring that they become strong, capable individuals who didn’t grow up despite the experience. But because of it instead. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800