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I’m in Labor and Don’t Want to Parent: Adoption in Missouri is an Option 

I’m in Labor and Don’t Want to Parent: Adoption in Missouri is an Option 

By Elle Kerrigan

Motherhood is a large step in life that not every person wishes to take. Everyone’s journey in pregnancy is different, and you may decide later in the process that you want to place your baby for adoption. You may even be in labor when you make this choice. It is never too late to choose last-minute adoption for your child. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, our compassionate adoption specialists help ease the stress of unplanned pregnancy. We are a licensed adoption agency with locations throughout Missouri and a 24-hour phone line, so you can be sure that help is always near. 

Where do I Begin with Adoption in Missouri?

No matter where you are in your pregnancy, you can contact Adoption Choices of Missouri to inquire about or begin the adoption process. We have kind and knowledgeable coordinators that are available to speak, text, or e-mail 24/7. Any questions you have about your unique situation can be answered. You may choose to meet with a counselor in person or over the phone. We have five adoption agencies in Missouri where you can discuss what option best suits your needs. 

I’m Choosing Adoption. What’s next?

When you choose to proceed with our adoption agency, we will create an adoption plan together. Each detail will be covered, from possible financial assistance to choosing a family. Even last minute, we have many adoptive families ready to give your child a beautiful life. If you do not wish to be included in the process of choosing the adoptive family, that’s okay, too. Our skilled coordinators can do this for you. If your choice is made close to, during, or after labor, don’t worry – you still have plenty of time to build a plan with us. 

What Happens After Adoption? 

What happens after your child is adopted on the type of adoption you choose? This is all a part of your adoption plan. You may choose the level of contact you’d like to have with your adoptive family post-placement. Even after your baby has been placed, you can contact our agency for support or questions. You may be eligible for financial support toward medical expenses after the adoption has taken place. 

I’ve already given birth/left the hospital. Can I still choose adoption? 

Yes, you may still place your baby up for adoption if you have given birth or even if you have taken your baby home. This is called after-delivery or hospital adoption. Giving a baby up for adoption is a difficult choice, and every individual makes this choice at a different time. It is not uncommon for this to occur after the baby has been born or has already left the hospital. We have many families ready to adopt, and these families are aware of the possibility of being contacted last minute for an opportunity. We ensure that adoptive parents are well-prepared for hospital adoptions. They can make it to the hospital within hours to make certain the baby will be brought home safely. Our coordinators at Adoption Choices of Missouri are available 24/7 to speak with and create an adoption plan. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing Adoption? 

An unplanned pregnancy can be scary without support, but we want you to know that adoption has many benefits. Adoption is free for the birth mother and full of support from agencies like Adoption Choices of Missouri. If the thought of parenting a child makes you feel worried, anxious, and unnerved, choosing this path can give you peace. You may even stay in contact with the child as they grow if you wish.

The adoptive family will be grateful for the opportunity to raise a child. These families have hoped and prepared for a child for a long time, meaning they are well-equipped to raise one. You are choosing your child’s parents, so you can feel calm knowing they are in good hands. Above all, if you are not ready to be a parent, you are choosing a better life for yourself and your child. There are endless reasons why parents choose adoption. No matter what yours is, you have given a great gift to all parties. 

Deciding to place your baby up for adoption is not only a difficult decision but a compassionate one. A better life for your child and their adoptive family starts with this single choice. If you are pregnant and considering adoption in Missouri, we will support you every step of the way at Adoption Choices of Missouri. We provide support throughout the state in Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis, Columbia, and Independence. We help more than 100 women a year who feel alone in their circumstances; contact us if you feel that a last-minute adoption is right for you. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 316-803-1096.