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I’m Pregnant: What do I do? Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy for Birth Mothers in Missouri

I’m Pregnant: What do I do? Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy for Birth Mothers in Missouri

Whether planned or unplanned, pregnancy can be a scary thing for a new mother. It is a transition of both body and mind. Your whole life can be upended by it, which can cause quite a stir for your daily routine. But it does not have to be that way. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help. 

Some questions come to mind to a birth mother when an unplanned pregnancy happens:

  • What are my options and what can I do with them?
  • What resources are there available or do I have to help me and my child?
  • Am I ready to be a parent?
  • Who can I turn to?

With these questions running in mind, we are actively working to ease the burden of them and provide every feasible possibility to make it as easy of a transition as we can. There are three different options for an unplanned pregnancy in Missouri that you can choose from as an expectant woman: 

  1. Terminate the Pregnancy

An option you have is to consider whether or not you want to terminate your pregnancy. If you do not feel like you are able to be a parent, or if you didn’t foresee yourself having children at all, you have the right to choose to have an abortion. You will want to make sure and do adequate research, though, as abortion laws can vary greatly by state.

In the state of Missouri, you can have an abortion up to 22 weeks. After that, unless there is a life-threatening issue with your health, abortion is prohibited. It is important to note that Missouri requires that each and every expectant mother undergo mandatory counseling 72 hours prior to the procedure. Additionally, if you are under the age of eighteen, you must gain parental consent before you are able to terminate your pregnancy.

  1. Parent Your Child

Another option a birth mother can consider when faced with an unplanned pregnancy is to take the first steps into parenthood. This responsibility is greatly bittersweet and a rewarding one for mothers who seek it. If you feel you are in a good place and have the necessary resources to give your child a happy life, parenthood could be the best route. It is a huge undertaking, so you should make sure to do your research and learn all you can on what raising a child would look like.

Bringing a child into your life is not something you have to do alone. Immediate family, friends are all people who can aid you in your new journey. If your child’s birth father is in the picture and supportive, he could be involved as well. A community of people together with the child in mind gives it a loving environment to thrive in and allows the mother to keep a nurturing atmosphere as she embarks on the journey with them. 

  1. Place Your Baby for Adoption

If termination and parenting are not viable decisions in your book, another available option is to place your baby for adoption in Missouri. Perhaps you are not in a place where you can provide for your child. Perhaps you are in college or working hard in your career. Maybe you didn’t picture yourself having children at all. Life changes or even future plans/endeavors you have are not exactly fitting for a child in life right now. Whatever your situation, adoption is an option. 

Adoption allows you to give your child the life that you are unable to provide. Through our licensed adoption agency, you will have full control over the adoption process, what adoptive family your child is placed with, and the level of contact that happens afterwards. Placing your baby for adoption with us comes at no cost to you, and you will have access to many other free services, including counseling, financial assistance if you’re found eligible, and more. Even after the baby is born and you are feeling overwhelmed by the changes in your life, adoption is still a viable course of action you can take. 

Adoptions Choices of Missouri can help provide a planned out adoption plan for you to ensure that they get every need they require to grow up happy. It can be a difficult time and a harrowing experience for new mothers, but our team of highly-trained and specialized adoption professionals will support you every step of the way and ensure that both you and your child have the opportunity for a brighter future. 

Options for an Unplanned Pregnancy in Missouri

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. But, no matter what, you are in control. It is always your decision what happens, and  what you see as the best future for yourself and your baby. With the options listed above, there is no right or wrong. Only what is best for the both of you. You are in complete control of that choice. No one should force you or choose for you. 

Remember that you are not alone. Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to support, encourage and empower you to the best of our abilities. We will respect whatever choice you make, and are more than happy to put your doubts and concerns to rest. If you’d like some extra information on how to choose, here are some frequently asked questions that may give you further insight into what’s best for you and your baby.

Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond, please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 1-816-527-9800

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