I am Pregnant, Help! Adoption is an Option in Missouri

I am Pregnant, Help!

Adoption is an Option in Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri provides adoption support for pregnant women who are considering adoption. We walk expectant women through the adoption process helping create an adoption plan. We match birth mothers with adoptive parents and provide personalized adoption services to birth parents. We can provide financial support and supportive counseling before, during, and after the adoption placement.

Discovering you are pregnant, especially if it’s an unplanned pregnancy or you do not want to be a parent, may feel overwhelming. Not knowing what to do or where to start is a confusing, frustrating time in your life. Many of the women we work with don’t have any support and we are the only ones they are able to talk to about their circumstances and pregnancy.

In general, you have 3 options: parent, abortion, and adoption.

The choice of adoption is a positive alternative to an unplanned pregnancy. Many women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation do not search out all of their options. An adoption plan can be whatever you want it to be. The details of your adoption plan in Missouri will be unique to your circumstance.

Why is Adoption the Best Choice?

By choosing adoption, you will be blessing a family with the beautiful gift of a child. Without adoption, some families would not be able to have children at all. You are a true miracle to these families.

If you choose an open adoption or semi-open adoption, you will get an opportunity to know how your child is doing. Instead of spending time wondering what could have been, you will be able to see your child grow up. You’ll be able to watch them grow into their own person. This is often a source of comfort and healing for birth mothers who are working to move past their adoption.

You may gain an extended family through your child’s adoptive family. Especially in an open adoption, many birth families and adoptive families form strong bonds of love and respect. The adoptive family will be forever connected to you, and you will be forever connected to them.

You can pursue your educational or career goals and dreams without also worrying about taking care of a child.

When a birth mother can see her child happy and well-cared for, she can begin to accept that this was the best decision for both her and her child, and that this was all part of the plan.

Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas & Missouri to discuss each option in depth and discover your best plan of action. We are available now by contacting Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri now by calling or texting 316-209-2071 in Kansas, calling or texting 816-527-9800 in Missouri or via our contact form.