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How to Create Your Adoption Birth Plan With Adoption Choices of Missouri

How to Create Your Adoption Birth Plan With Adoption Choices of Missouri

This may seem like a really overwhelming and scary time. Besides being pregnant before you planned, you’re considering putting your baby up for adoption, and now someone has reminded you about your birth/hospital plan. What are those, and why is there even more stuff to think about? Breathe! Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Adoption Choices of Missouri knows exactly what to do and how to help you.

What Is A Birth Plan?

A birth plan is your plan for how you wish to give birth, such as who is in the delivery room with you, would you like to have a water birth, is your baby being delivered by a midwife? Is there a chance you may need a c-section delivery instead of delivering naturally? You may want to discuss pain management with your practitioner in preparation for your delivery. There is nothing wrong with pain management techniques or drugs during labor when administered by medical professionals; just be sure to consult with your physician.

This can be especially important if you may be allergic to a certain ingredient in a drug or to make sure the drug is in stock and noted in your chart as a possibility of being used during delivery. If you are making your birth plan during your fifth or seventh month and have decided you do not want pain medication during your delivery, this is something you can let your doctor know. This may change during the delivery, but it is something good for the doctor to be aware of your wishes. You can always change your mind about this later on.

These are all things you can discuss with your OB/GYN if you have any concerns or need any help planning ahead of time. Of course, deliveries cannot always be planned to perfection, so know that it’s ok if things don’t go completely according to plan. Just know that whatever happens, you have the support of your medical team, your friends, your family, your child’s adoptive family, and your Adoption Choices of Missouri family.

What To Know When Placing Your Baby Up For Adoption: Hospital Plan

A birth plan concerns your plans for the hospital and the adoption. If you are placing your newborn baby up for adoption, the hospital is probably where your baby will be handed over to their adoptive family. You may decide you do not wish to be at this handoff or that you do wish to be there to say goodbye. You may wish to hold your baby and take some pictures before your baby is handed to their adoptive parents and leaves the hospital, or you may not. These are decisions you can make before your delivery. You can always change your mind about these decisions later on if you so choose.

A hospital plan can also include deciding on what you wish to pack in your bag for the hospital. You may wish to have a change of clothes, some pajamas, maybe something comfortable with easy access during the delivery, and some shampoo and conditioner to clean up after the delivery. You may also want a speaker and a playlist if you wish to have music during the delivery or something you wish to give the baby before they are handed off to their adoptive family.

Missouri Adoption: Pandemic Restrictions

The pandemic may affect who can come to visit you in the hospital and how many individuals may come to represent the adoptive family in the official handoff. Due to these restrictions, you may only be allowed one person by your side in the delivery room, as well. These restrictions can be annoying but are in place to protect everyone from the spread of infection, including your baby and yourself. Your newborn may not be equipped with a proper immune system yet and needs to be protected. In addition, after delivery, you will be in a weakened state and also possibly immunocompromised, so it is best to play it safe for everyone involved.

Post Delivery & Adoption: Postpartum Care

It is also important to note in your hospital plan which will be taking care of yourself post-delivery. Besides the possible emotional and mental ramifications, such as postpartum depression or grief, you may need some help getting around, depending on how difficult your delivery was. For instance, if you have a c-section, that is some major surgery that includes being careful of bending to not disturb the staples in your abdomen. If you have to have stitches or an episiotomy, which we hope you won’t have to worry about, this can make moving and getting up and down painful and difficult.

Even if you have a fairly easy birth, you are still advised not to lift over a certain amount of weight, which could be about ten pounds or so. You may also have to worry about postpartum vaginal care or any bad reactions during postpartum, where you may need to go back to the doctor. If the latter is the case, it is nice to have a friend or family member there to monitor your condition and help you when necessary.

Help If You’re Placing Your Baby Up For Adoption

There are many parts to a birth and hospital plan, including visitors, pain management, information to tell your doctor, postpartum care, and the type of birth you are considering. It’s a lot to think about, but you got this. You’re not alone in any of this. We are here to help you. Now, are you ready to explore your Missouri adoption options with Adoption Choices of Missouri today?

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