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Having a Baby After Placing One for Adoption in Missouri

Having a Baby After Placing One for Adoption in Missouri

By Nicholas Rodinos


Many birth mothers wonder if they can have a family after placing a baby for adoption. Of course, you can, however, there are challenges you may face. There may be psychological and familial obstacles. However, there are adoption agencies nearby that can assist you.

Adoption Choices of Missouri can assist you on your adoption journey and answer any adoption questions you have. Our adoption agencies will be by your side at every step of the adoption process. We will always put your psychological and emotional needs first while helping in your time of need. You may be eligible for financial support, as well as housing, transportation, rent, and utilities.

Can I Have a Baby After Placing One for Adoption?

Yes, many birth mothers form families after placing children for adoption; however, there are concerns that should be addressed. It can be important to address and acknowledge why you sought out the Missouri adoption process. Acknowledging your reason for adoption can be therapeutic and often helps birth mothers come to terms with the decision. Adoption agencies are sympathetic to birth mothers in crisis, they understand your reasons for placing your child for adoption.

Reasons For Adoption

Birth mothers choose adoption for a variety of important reasons, including:

  • The birth mothers are finishing their education, or focusing on their career, and raising a child could jeopardize that.
  • They’re simply not ready to raise children and need time to learn.
  • Birth mothers might not be in the right financial, mental, or emotional place to care for children right now.
  • The birth mothers feel someone else would be better suited for raising their children.
  • They’re in a relationship with someone they don’t feel is suitable for children.
  • The birth mother was surprised by an unplanned pregnancy or a teenage pregnancy.
  • Some birth mothers live in unsafe homes for children.

There are many valid reasons why birth mothers choose to place their children for adoption in Missouri. Some birth mothers choose adoption because of financial reasons, some for safety, and others were not ready for motherhood. No matter what the reason, adoption agencies are here to help you find a loving home for your child.

How Will My Birth Child Feel After the Adoption?

Some birth mothers worry their birth children will resent them for placing them for adoption, this is rare. Many birth children learn about their birth mothers and come to understand the reasons for placing them for adoption. These children tend to recognize that their birth mothers sought out adoption agencies for important reasons, whatever they are. Most birth children recognize that you and Missouri adoption agencies are responsible for providing them with loving adoptive parents.

Emotional Factors to Consider After Adoption

Guilt, regret, and post-adoption grief can be common in birth mothers building families after placing a child for adoption. It can be essential to seek out post-adoption counseling so that you can process feelings of grief or guilt. A Missouri adoption counselor will help you discuss and process your pain and create an effective coping mechanism. Adoption agencies near you can provide you with emotional support and guidance on how to grapple with post-adoption pain. 

What If My Loved Ones Disagree with The Adoption?

This is a difficult decision, but remember that your happiness and health are the top priorities when adopting. Remember that you made a sacrifice to give your child a loving, safe home with amazing adoptive parents. Some people don’t understand adoption in Missouri or your needs/reasons for placing your child for adoption. Connect with supportive loved ones, and remember you provided your child with a home and a safe, loving family. 

Resources Adoption Agencies Provide

  • Adoptive Parent Evaluation. Adoption agencies in Missouri examine their potential adoptive parents to determine if they’re eligible parents who match your qualifications. These adoption agencies employ professionals who examine their candidates’ financial, psychological, and emotional stability. You can rest easy knowing the adoptive family you selected for your child consists of wonderful parents.
  • Adoption Counseling. Adoption counseling is essential as it provides tools for managing post-adoption grief. The counselor will ask how your grief manifests and find healthy ways to express and confront it. Your adoption counselor may suggest different therapies or support groups to help you discuss your grief.
  • Adoption Planning. Adoption agencies near you provide you with control over the adoption plan, including post-adoption contact with your child. The adoption plan determines the level of contact and openness you have with your child and their adoptive family. You can decide how much information your child knows about you and how much you know about them.

Ways Adoption Agencies in Missouri Can Help You

Starting a family after placing a child for adoption can be difficult. However, you know that you deserve happiness. Missouri adoption agencies can provide the resources to meet your child again and explain why you chose adoption. Adoption agencies provide you with the tools to help you cope with any post-adoption pain and move forward with your life. It can be rewarding to see the families you created, yours, and the loving home you provided a child.

Adoption Choices of Missouri will answer your questions regarding the adoption process, adoption support, adoption planning, and birth planning. We are a licensed adoption agency specializing in finding and approving adoptive families, to care for your child’s wellbeing. Our agency provides you with financial support, housing, transportation, and psychological counseling for any post-adoption grief you may feel. If you need birth mother support, please contact our adoption agency and we’ll provide the necessary resources.

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