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Facts about Open Adoption that Might Surprise You as a Birth Mother in Missouri

Facts about Open Adoption that Might Surprise You as a Birth Mother in Missouri

When it comes to placing your child for adoption in Missouri, one of the more popular options in the adoption world today is to take the route of an open adoption. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we strongly encourage our birth mothers to consider this as an option, as we believe that it establishes a clear relationship between you, your child and their adoptive parents.  It has also been shown that open adoptions have more positive impacts on the adoption triad than semi-open or closed adoption plans.

In fact, there are many benefits to open adoption, many of which might surprise you. Here are some facts about open adoption that you might not be aware of. 

  • You get to Establish a Relationship with Your Child

One of the main advantages of an open adoption is that there is, ideally, an unhindered range of communication between you, birth mother, your child, and their adoptive parents. It allows your child or baby to nurture a strong relationship with their mother or birth parents. For future children who may want to know who their mothers are or where their family history comes from, this is an easy passage of access for them to find out. For many birth mothers, this is exactly what they want — to still be involved in their child’s lives and be present for their upbringing, even through their adoption. 

Not only can birth parents keep and sustain a relationship with their child, but you are also given the opportunity to form a lasting friendship with the adoptive parents as well. Seeing both their adoptive parents and birth parents coexisting in harmony and partnership will leave a lasting positive impact on your child. Working together for the betterment of your child is exactly the kind of environment every baby needs to grow up happy and healthy.

  • You can Establish a Relationship with Your Child’s Adoptive Parents

Birth mothers are given the freedom to pick what family they believe is right for their baby. It will always come down to you and who you are most comfortable with raising your child. As a birth mother, you have the right to evaluate, vent, and talk to the prospective adoptive family to see if they are the best fit for your baby. You will always have the chance to ask questions and get some answers to any concerns you may have when giving up your baby for adoption. You can exchange personal contact information, gain some background about the adoptive parent(s), and give some information on yourself if you feel the situation calls for that too. Dialogue is important in making the right choice for yourself and for your baby, but also creates the first stepping stones in maintaining that communication in the future when your child grows or ages. 

Open adoption can be on a spectrum. You set the terms and you decide how you would like things to flow. You are in control of what happens here and now. It is always in your hands on what you believe should be done that will make you and your baby happiest. Adoption Choices of Missouri will provide every resource to set the stage for you and your baby.

  • Open Adoptions Positively Impact You and Your Child

For many birth mothers when first placing their baby for adoption, they may suffer some form of post-adoption guilt or grief that can affect their psychological health. Setting up an open adoption and still being a part of your baby’s life can help alleviate some of that grief. Some birth mothers can sometimes even experience a form of regret, but with an open adoption that has been set up by your own negotiation and terms lowers the chance of that happening. Remember that you are providing your child with a better chance at life and you are still watching them grow up. 

Not only do open adoptions benefit you as the birth mother, but it also positively impacts your child. Having that free channel of communication between you and your child helps him or her with their sense of identity, and gives them a chance to learn more about you and their origin. 

  • Open Adoption Creates an Extended Family

In an open adoption, you can create a new kind of extended family. One that includes you and your family, your child, and their adoptive family. This, in turn, forms a community of love and support for your child. They will have no shortage of family as they grow up!

Open adoption allows you to play an important role in the adoption process. Not only are you the bridge between you and your child’s adoptive family, but you are also the key to unlocking all of your child’s questions as they become the thriving adult they are meant to be. It’s all too easy to feel alone or have unanswerable questions for you and your child in the adoption journey, but open adoptions have so much potential for love and strong, healthy relationships. In an open adoption, every member of the adoption triad gets their needs met and are better for it. 

Facts about Open Adoption

As a birth mother considering adoption for your child, we understand how challenging and emotional of a decision this is. Yet, you don’t need to suffer through your hardships alone. With our supportive staff by your side, and loving adoptive parents also in the picture, you can give your child their best chance at life and you can have peace of mind knowing that he or she will always be cared for. 

If curious about any more facts about open adoption or your available adoption choices when placing your child for adoption, do not hesitate to contact us for any lingering questions or concerns. We are here to help you.

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