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Does Roe v Wade Affect My Adoption in Missouri?

Does Roe v Wade Affect My Adoption in Missouri?

By Jonathan Tick

On Friday, June 24th, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned the judgment passed over the case of Roe v Wade. Thus choosing to terminate a pregnancy is no longer a constitutional right for birth mothers. And left the choice to legalize abortion a matter for the states to deal with rather than the federal government.  

If you were a birth mother considering adoption, chances are you are wondering how this may affect you. What does this mean for you and your baby now that Roe v Wade was overturned? In short, the effects may be a lot less severe than you may think. And if you have any further questions after reading this post, please contact one of our adoption agencies in Missouri. They’ll be able to answer any question you may have and can help you get started on the adoption process too.

Adoption vs. Other Alternatives

The first thing to consider regarding Roe v Wade is what was being overturned in the first place. The Supreme Court overturning the case meant that only abortion as a constitutional right was affected, not adoption. This means that any birth woman wondering how to give a baby up for adoption can still pursue that. So the situation of adoption in Missouri hasn’t significantly changed when you compare it from before Roe v Wade to after.

That being said, it might still be a good idea to familiarize yourself with local adoption laws. Since every state has its own set of guidelines that birth mothers must follow if they want to adopt out their baby. Missouri, for instance, requires a change in custody to be approved by the court before an adoption can proceed. So if you’re thinking, “I want to put my baby up for adoption,” familiarize yourself with local laws. Or, contact one of our adoption agencies if you want someone else to help you understand.

Then Does that Make Adoption Easier?

If adoption isn’t affected, that must mean it’s more readily available, right? Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Adoption shouldn’t be considered the ‘easy way out’ for birth mothers. Instead, it should be seen as one of several options that birth mothers have when approaching an unplanned pregnancy.  

The processes for both abortion and adoption differ heavily from one another. Each choice has its own trials and tribulations a birth mother must overcome. And both require the birth mother to be heavily involved in different ways. Therefore, a birth mother should not consider adoption to be an alternative. Adoption Choices of Missouri is willing to help all birth mothers who wish to go through this life-changing event. But at the same time, we want birth mothers to remain committed to the adoption process. After all, they will have to carry the baby to term and birth them. Without this, the experience may cause unnecessary stress for the pregnant woman at the end of the day.  

What Will Happen if I Choose Adoption?

Considering adoption with us will give you access to the best care we can provide you. You will be in charge of an adoption plan after you sign up with one of our adoption agencies in Missouri. Which is something that lets birth mothers dictate the way their adoption will progress. Your adoption journey may be pretty long and may require a lot of effort on your part. So we feel like giving birth mothers this chance to take control can help alleviate any stress they may have.

Your adoption in Missouri may also give you the chance to know your child in the future. Most adoptions these days don’t have birth parents leave their child and never see them again. Open adoption, as it’s called, allows birth parents some access to their child growing up if so desired. Thus giving both parent and child updates on each other. As well as improve a birth parent’s confidence in knowing that they made the right decision in choosing adoption.  

How We at Adoption Choices of Missouri Can Help

Roe v Wade did shake things up for women deciding what to do with their pregnancies nationwide. And while abortion for many states is up in the air, adoption is not as affected as people may think. Putting a baby up for adoption requires a different mindset than other alternatives. Meaning that women who decided or were thinking of adopting their baby were probably settling on that choice already.

That being said, choosing adoption is a very big decision. And if you’re committed to the leap, then our adoption agencies will welcome you with open arms. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800