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Considering Adoption When Pregnant and Homeless

Considering Adoption When Pregnant and Homeless

No one ever imagines they will become homeless, let alone pregnant and homeless. With costs of living going up and wages stagnating, times are hard. But, simultaneously, they are not hopeless even in the events of our corrupt world. Bad situations don’t last indefinitely, and no one’s struggles are unique to them. There are others who have faced the same situation as you, and the advantage of our modern society is that there are places you can go for help. Naturally, you will be anxious over what will happen to your child, but knowing your options and available help might help you decide your next steps and calm down.

Finding Shelter for Expectant Mothers

The reasons people are homeless can vary, but the fact remains that homeless people are vulnerable to developing further problems. Getting off the street is critical to preventing and solving those problems, as the stress of not having a home can make things harder than they already are. This is especially true of young moms who may not have completed their education and are more likely to be pregnant than similar women with housing. It is necessary to get a mother shelter, healthcare, financial help, and vocational training in all cases. 

Local adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Missouri offer help with housing and other services. Tell your adoption caseworker your situation, so they can get you safe housing as soon as possible. You may also be able to get help with utilities. In some cases, your child’s adoptive family might be able to help with some expenses such as maternity clothes. Your caseworker will also make sure you get assistance for medical care such as prenatal checkups. It is important to reach out so you can get help as soon as possible. 

Problems You Might Face Placing Your Child For Adoption while Homeless

Depending on how long you’ve been homeless, it is possible that you may have developed other problems as a result. Don’t be ashamed to bring them up to your caseworker. Homelessness and housing insecurity put people at risk for numerous problems. Pregnant women in shelters are at higher risk for alcohol and drug abuse as well as anxiety and depression. There is also an increased chance for pregnancy complications and less access to reimbursable healthcare. This can mean that conditions in the fetus may not even be detected. Stigma often leaves services for homeless women underused because housing status goes unreported out of fear they will lose their children. 

As expected, existing children will also struggle as a result of homelessness. Families are a growing segment of the homeless population, and most of such families are headed by women. Children are at risk of being put into foster care if authorities find out and may be traumatized by their situation, especially if the family is fleeing domestic violence. Moms may be traumatized at losing their children, and all options are difficult decisions. Adoption is hard as well, but you will be able to pick a loving family that will care for them. Contrary to common belief, adoption does not always mean saying goodbye to your baby forever. It is increasingly common for birth parents to continue to contact the adoptive family after the adoption. Arrangements will vary depending on what both families are comfortable with. Talk to your adoptive family and caseworker about the different types of adoption to make sure you are on the same page.

Meanwhile, your mental health needs shouldn’t be ignored. The stress of being homeless and the depression that follows a birth are possibilities that may lead to the need for mental health services. Post-adoption grief is also possible because sometimes moms can feel lost after placing their child for adoption with another family. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers counseling, and many birth mothers reach out to online support groups through social media for additional help and information. Don’t let stigma hold you back from getting the help needed for your next steps. 

Adoption Choices of Missouri is here to help women of all kinds of situations. You are not alone, and there are many others facing the same things you are. Rather than giving in to the pressure of stigma, learn the truth about adoption and your other options. Helping mothers is our priority, and no one deserves to be judged for their situation. Our Adoption agencies in Missouri are more than happy to help with shelter, finances, medical care, and other needs, so don’t hesitate to call when you are ready. 

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