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Considering Adoption but don’t know Where to Start? Start Here with Adoption Choices of Missouri!

Considering Adoption but don’t know Where to Start? Start Here with Adoption Choices of Missouri!

By Isabella Chichioco

Many women who face an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy consider whether placing up their baby for adoption is a good option for them. Although adoption in Missouri is a lot more common today than before, the process is still challenging and can be overwhelming trying to do it on your own. However, if you want to or even just thinking about adoption, we are here to help and guide you through the process! At the Adoption Choices of Missouriwe have many resources and counselors available to help you with the adoption process, from finding an adoptive family to giving financial and emotional support.

Simplified: The Adoption Process in Missouri when Considering Adoption

If you are considering adoption in Missouri, it is essential to know how the adoption process generally works to ensure that your needs and priorities as a birth parent are met. We see the adoption process can seem overwhelming, so we have simplified the adoption process into six steps! Listed below is everything that occurs during the adoption process.

  1. Contact Adoption Choices of Kansas and Missouri via phone, email, or our contact form
  2. Schedule an initial meeting with one of our birth parent counselors
  3. Create your adoption plan with help from your assigned birth parent counselor
  4. Review and choose an adoptive family
  5. Consolidate hospital plans to prepare for your due date
  6. Work with an adoptive family and counselor to figure out your post-placement goals.

Fundamentals of an Adoption Plan in Missouri

Now that you have a general overview and understanding of the adoption process, we can move on to specifics about what adoption means in Missouri. Adoption Choices of Missouri is a licensed adoption agency in Missouri that can assist you with resources including but not limited to financial assistance, access to medicare, safe housing, shelter, and professional counseling. If you need any other support, we are very accommodating and will make sure to find the proper steps to take that benefit both you and your baby. We have local adoption agencies all over the state of Missouri, so location and commute will not be an issue.

Understanding the Different Types of Adoption

A considerable part of an adoption plan is determined by what type of adoption you ultimately decide. There are generally three types of adoption: open adoption, closed adoption, and semi-open adoption. No kind of adoption is better than the other, as it depends on your circumstances and preferences. In an open adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents communicate regularly and share their personal information. Open adoptions are a good option for birth mothers if they want to keep a relationship with their child but do not feel confident or cannot keep their baby. There is no requirement in open adoptions regarding how often birth mothers and adoptive parents communicate, as this decision is entirely up to both parties. Adoption Choices of Missouri generally recommends open adoptions if you cannot decide since it provides you with the most options both during pregnancy and post-placement. 

If you like the idea of some form of contact with your child and adoptive family but feel like an open adoption is too demanding, semi-open adoptions are a good alternative. In semi-open adoptions, birth mothers and adoptive parents share some information while maintaining privacy. Unlike an open adoption, birth parents and adoptive parents do not share all private information, such as last names to respect the birth mother’s choice. Semi-open adoptions are significant if you want some contact with your adoptive family and child post-placement but want to keep your privacy for some closure.

In contrast to open and semi-open adoptions, closed adoptions are where adoptive parents and the birth mother have no communication directly with each other. Instead, any vital information is usually taken care of with the birth parent counselors. Although closed adoptions are rare nowadays, it is still a good option if you want to move on with your life and gain full closure after birth.

All these types of adoptions are good options, so it is essential to think about how much openness and communication you would like to have with your respective adoptive family and child. Regardless of which adoption you ultimately decide on, we at the Adoption Choices of Missouri are here to support you throughout the whole adoption process.

Adoption Resources and Services when Considering Adoption

The adoption process has a lot of steps and can be very stressful at times, which is what we are here for! Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more about our adoption resources and services! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800.