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Choosing Semi-Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Choosing Semi-Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Missouri

By Noah Abrams

For any birth mothers experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering adoption, you may wonder which type of adoption is the right choice for you. It is important to note that you have three options to choose relating to the adoption type. They are open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. They all offer a unique set of benefits and challenges. Communication and transparency are the key areas where each will differ from each other. Open adoption offers the highest, semi-open adoption is the middle ground, and closed adoption offers the least. 

If your preference is for some communication and transparency, you should choose semi-open adoption. Being a knowledgeable and reputable adoption agency, we can educate you on semi-open adoption and what it entails. We will discuss with you our adoption services, as well as your options for unplanned pregnancy.

Semi-Open Adoption in Missouri

As mentioned, semi-open adoption lies in the middle of open and closed adoption. You and the adoptive family will remain in contact but through phone calls, video chats, or in person. Instead, it will be indirectly, via email, pictures, or letters. There are usually intermediaries, like adoption agencies, overseeing this communication through the adoption process.

In some cases, there are in-person meetups or for both parties to spend time during birth and post-delivery. There usually aren’t any in-person meetings once placement is finalized. Additionally, the child won’t stay in contact with the birth mother in most cases. ChildConnect is an avenue for staying updated about your child’s progress. It allows you to communicate with the adoptive family regarding this while maintaining your privacy.

Benefits Surrounding Semi-Open Adoption

  1. A flexible option in between what seems like two extremes. You may find that for you, open adoption is too involved, and closed adoption is too private and final. Luckily, semi-open adoption offers valuable characteristics of both. You won’t have to stress over obligations that an open adoption brings, but you will still receive updates regarding your child. Your privacy and anonymity will still be assured as well. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and explain your decision to place your baby through adoption via a letter.
  2. You have authority as the birth mother. You will be in charge of deciding your comfort level with varying amounts of communication. Semi-open adoptions offer slightly more authority when determining the frequency of communication desired. You can also decide which information regarding you is shared, including in the introductory letter. With communication being written, it allows you to include only what you wish to.
  3. Gives you distance, helping to avoid negative emotions. The idea of giving a child up for adoption can already come with a lot of stress. As the birth mother, it is not out of the ordinary to feel guilt, grief, and sadness. This is a big moment in your life with a substantial emotional connection. The loss of parenthood is hard for anyone. Semi-open adoptions can help lessen the emotional toll you’ll take. It allows you to know your child is safe and loved without having to constantly see your child. 

Getting Started With Your Semi-Open Adoption Plan & Making the Right Adoption Choices for You

The first step would be to contact us. Once assigned to a caseworker, you should let them know your desire for a semi-open adoption plan. When this is done, they can educate you more and answer any questions or address any concerns.

In preparation for your semi-open adoption, you can practice writing your letter to your child explaining your adoption decision. Also, you include a brief introduction with yourself. This will give your child the chance to have some closure, and answers to any lingering questions. Naturally, the adoptive family won’t be able to answer all questions your child may have regarding the adoption.

For any birth mother considering adoption and the type of adoption you should choose, the answer is simple. That answer is whatever would be ideal for you. You won’t feel any pressure to make a certain decision. Our goal is to make you feel at ease throughout your adoption process. Giving you authority to make decisions as to how everything will go helps to do so. You won’t have to wonder, “Was I wrong to put my baby up for adoption?” You’ll know you have made the right choice, having outlined the ideal scenario for you and your child.

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri Today If You Have Questions About Semi-Open Adoption

From legal procedures, communication, creating an adoption plan, and more, birth mothers are burdened with a lot. Semi-open adoption offers a balance of what both open and closed adoptions offer. To any birth mothers looking to begin the process of adoption in MissouriAdoption Choices of Missouri can be of assistance.

If you are pregnant, help can come from us, a reputable and local adoption agency in Missouri. We understand that the adoption process can be very demanding, and emotionally taxing. We can assist you throughout your adoption process, being an advocate, providing emotional support, and educating you. Our specialists and counselors are equipped and available 24/7 to help you in any way. Contact us today to learn more about semi-open adoption, or inquire about anything else!