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Choosing Adoption as a Teenage Birth Mother

Choosing Adoption as a Teenage Birth Mother

By Jonathan Tick

A teenage birth mother may feel like they have nowhere to go. The idea of becoming a mother at such a young age is inconceivable for many. And you’re not alone in thinking that way. As a result, you may be looking for a solution to your situation. And to that end, choosing adoption as a teenage birth mother may be just what you need. It might be scary at first, but choosing adoption in Missouri could be just what you need. Here we’ll explain what it means to become a birth mother in Missouri. As well as how to give a baby up for adoption. And what that will mean for you and your baby’s future.   

Getting Started with the Adoption Process

You’ll begin your adoption journey by talking to one of our office staff, who can help answer your questions. Then, decide for yourself if adoption is right for you. There are no wrong choices, and Adoption Choices of Missouri will honor your decision regardless. If you do decide to stick with adoption, tell our office staff. They’ll connect you to an adoption specialist who will help you through the first few steps of your adoption. This may include some basic information about what will happen during the adoption process. As well as some paperwork you will need to fill out for documentation, which includes signing over your parental rights. All birth mothers go through this process, and our staff is committed to helping you through this journey. After the initial documentation, it’s time for the adoption plan to be set into motion.

The Adoption Plan

While it may sound like a strict schedule initially, in reality, the adoption plan is quite the opposite. Adoption Choices of Missouri believes that all birth mothers should have power over their adoption as we believe this is the best way for them to be satisfied with their decisions. And feel like they have power over their adoption process.

The adoption plan starts when your adoption specialist lays out different care options. This can include various forms of care and therapy, which are provided so birth mothers have a chance to talk to counselors and work out things during the adoption, as well as various forms of financial care that can cover things like food and rent. Teen mothers may experience different forms of this kind of care, however. So be sure to ask your adoption specialist for what you qualify for since every birth mother’s needs differ due to varying backgrounds or other factors.  

Post-Placement and Openness

So, you go through your entire adoption plan and arrive at the end with your baby’s birth. Your adoption specialist may have asked you what kind of adoption you like before this. Putting a baby up for adoption comes with a degree of ‘openness.’ And for teen mothers, this choice is usually no different. Openness refers to how many contacts a birth mother will have with their baby after birth. And this decision will be made at your discretion based on what you want for your baby. Do you still want to see your baby? Open adoption may be for you. Would you rather not see your child in the future? A closed adoption protects your privacy from both your baby and their adoptive parents.  

And if you thought care stops after birth, think again. Your adoption in Missouri continues past the baby’s birth with post-placement care. Where you may spend a few more months under our adoption agencies’ care, this will include another round of counseling or medical care like your adoption plan. We do this to ensure that you’re alright and can get back on your feet. Since recovering from afterbirth can take some time. And we want you to be cared for as you’re recuperating from birth. Once you do, you’ll be right as rain, and your adoption journey will be over.  

Adoption Choices of Missouri takes in all kinds of birth mothers, no matter their background. We believe that all birth mothers, no matter their age, deserve the choice of considering adoption. And we hope that after taking the plunge, you’ll come out as happy with your experience as others before you. Adoption Choices of Missouri serves birth parents statewide and beyond. Please call us or text us to learn more! Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri, call or text us at 816-527-9800