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Choosing a Single Missouri Woman to Adopt Your Baby

Choosing a Single Missouri Woman to Adopt Your Baby

By Hannah Bayly

Adoption Choices of Missouri works with women who are facing unplanned pregnancies to create a custom adoption plan. Part of this adoption plan includes choosing the right adoptive parent(s) for your baby. You may already have an image in your head of the best family for your baby. Or, you may be unsure of who would be best to raise your child. Regardless, you can trust that Adoption Choices of Missouri can help you to make the best choice for your baby’s future.

As you may know, working with a private adoption service allows you agency and choice. This includes choosing an adoptive family that you connect with and feel would best care for your baby. As you are going through this part of the adoption process, you will learn about many unique families. You may even encounter single women who are looking to adopt. If you are considering a single woman to adopt your child, this can be a wonderful choice. You may be unsure, but there are many reasons that single women make fantastic parents. Continue reading to learn why a single woman might be the right choice for your baby.

Choosing a Role Model for Your Child

If you are considering adoption, you may be presented with a single woman as a potential adoptive parent for your baby. Adoption in Missouri is not limited to couples. Choosing a single woman to adopt your baby means providing them with a role model. A role model is someone for a child to look up to based on their characteristics and behaviors. Many children who grow up with a single woman as their parent state that they look up to their mother. This is because single mothers demonstrate many admirable characteristics, such as independence and strength. This allows your baby to grow up in a home where their mother demonstrates these characteristics around them daily. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, choosing a single mother to adopt your child may be a great option. A single mother would provide your child with another strong female role model in their lives.

Choosing a Parent You Connect With

Every birth mother’s journey is different. Depending on your situation, you may be single, and that may even play into your decision to choose adoption. If this is the case, choosing a single woman to adopt your baby may be appealing. You may feel a sense of connection with a single woman looking to adopt.

On the contrary, you may not be single. In this case, you may not feel a connection to a single woman looking to adopt a baby. However, you likely have more in common than you think. Think back to a time in your life when you were single. Did you handle difficult situations or tasks during this time? Did you perhaps live on your own? Thinking back to what you were able to accomplish as a single woman may put things into perspective. You may begin to find that you have a connection to a woman who is living her life bravely and independently.

Addressing Your Concerns

You still may have some concerns about choosing a single woman to adopt your baby. There can be negative narratives about single mothers that are perpetuated. We are here to dispel those untrue narratives! 

One thing you may hear about single mothers is that they are too busy to care for their children. On the contrary, many single mothers are great at balancing their time! They may have busy schedules, but that doesn’t mean their children don’t come first. In fact, many single mothers take extra care to ensure their children are their top priority throughout the day. They put their children first, just like any mother!

You may be concerned that your child won’t have a stable life. Just because a woman is parenting on her own doesn’t mean they cannot provide a stable environment! Many single mothers find communities of other mothers they can rely on. In addition, their family and friends act as a wonderful support system for both them and their adoptive baby. Your baby will find a secure, comfortable life with a single adoptive mother.

Making this Decision with Adoption Choices of Missouri

Choosing the right adoptive parent for your baby can be an overwhelming choice. You may have concerns about the adoptive parents you are reviewing. You may wonder if they will give your child the wonderful life they deserve. With Adoption Choices of Missouri, you do not have to worry. Many of our waiting parents find us by searching “home study for adoption near me.” This means they are taking the steps to responsibly go through a thorough screening process with us! Unlike a public adoption center, we present you with the ability to choose. With us, you remain in charge of choosing the right adoptive parents for your baby.