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Choosing a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

Choosing a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

By: Noah Abrams

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and contemplating placing your baby for adoption, you may have reservations. The adoption process can be a stressful and emotional time for the birth mother. You may have feelings of guilt, sadness, and anxiety due to your decision. Choosing adoption for your child takes the birth mother on a journey that can be difficult to navigate, especially alone. Outside of creating an adoption plan, choosing the adoptive parent(s) is an important decision for the birth mother. 

Traditionally, birth mothers place their child with a married couple. Though true, it is not the only option for birth mothers. Following the norm or traditional path through adoption doesn’t have to be your reality. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we believe all qualified potential adoptive parents should get the chance, single fathers included. That said, we will educate you about single-father adoptions and their potential fit for you.

5 Reasons Why a Birth Mother Would Choose a Single Man to Adopt Her Baby

If you are a single man looking to adopt, help is available through our adoption agencies in Missouri. Being a single father doesn’t make you any less qualified or capable of juggling these responsibilities. Five reasons why you should consider choosing a single man are:

  1. Stability. Single parents typically have a more stable situation. Dealing with difficult life situations like divorce won’t be an issue and your child can be fully cared for. 
  2. Being qualified. Any of the potential adoptive parents we work with have been thoroughly vetted. We require an extensive background check and home study of them, ensuring they are qualified. ‘
  3. One household voice. Being in a house with two dominant voices can be confusing, which can happen with married couples. Your child won’t have to balance two different ways of parenting, which can be stressful. Differing parental demands are eliminated when choosing a single man.
  4. More attention to your child. When dealing with a single man, you won’t have to worry about your child competing for his attention. With no significant other, he will be able to focus most of his time and attention on nurturing your child.
  5. Financial freedom and flexibility. Single men are typically well off financially. Marriage comes with financial expenses that can hinder parents from providing the most for a child. A single man won’t have this issue and will be able to provide all that is needed.

Being a single parent is difficult for anyone, no matter the sex. Taking on the full responsibility of a child alone can be difficult and overwhelming. Balancing the demands of a job and a child can weigh on anyone, even single and married women. 

How to Find a Single Man to Adopt My Baby

There are various factors to consider when choosing potential adoptive parents for your child. You definitely want to find out as much background information as possible. This is the case whether a married couple or a single man is your preference as an adoptive parent. If you do choose a single man, you should ensure he is ready for fatherhood. Some things to look out for in a single man are:

  • Lifestyle. If a single man is looking to adopt a kid, specifically your kid, you should find out as much as you can about him. This includes the kind of personality he has, and his favorite hobbies or interests. You should also learn what he likes to do in his free time. This includes if he prefers being out all of the time or is a homebody. His lifestyle can help you determine his level of maturity, responsibility, and availability for your child.


  • Environment. Finding out if a single man is in an environment that is conducive to raising a child. You should know the kind of neighborhood he lives in and how that could potentially impact your child. You should also inquire about his circle of friends and family and get insight from them as well.


  • Financial Stability. Being able to financially provide for your child is important. Because of this, you should know his financial situation. This includes ensuring he has a stable job that pays well enough to take care of the child. 

All of the insight you find out will aid in the decision you make. You should be sure to do your homework on any potential adoptive parents. This will give you the best chance at choosing the ideal adoptive parents for your child.

Is the Adoption Process Different if a Single Man Adopts My Baby?

Outside of offering beneficial resources to the families we work with, you are considering adoption in Missouri, being reputable, knowledgeable, and inclusive are important characteristics adoption agencies should have. Regarding inclusivity, we aim for this, especially when evaluating potential adoptive parents. We won’t deny potential adoptive families based on things like sex or marital status. Additionally, it is difficult to find the perfect adoptive parent(s). To those points, the adoption process is exactly the same if a single man is looking to adopt a baby. There are no additional unnecessary steps if a single man is chosen to adopt through our adoption service

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Have you recently wondered, “How do I put my baby for adoption?” If you are pregnant, help is available through our private adoptive service. We are a fully licensed adoption agency with many years of experience helping birthmothers and adoptive parents alike. With counselors available 24/7, our goal is to be there for you whenever you need us. We offer multiple resources to make the adoption process a seamless transition for you. 

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