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Choosing a Single Father to Adopt Your Baby in Missouri

Choosing a Single Father to Adopt Your Baby in Missouri

If you’re considering unplanned pregnancy options, you may already have seen that adoptive families come in all shapes and sizes. Some are straight couples; some are gay couples looking to grow their family. It may surprise you to learn that some adoptive families are single mothers and fathers. Some people find themselves uninterested or uninvolved in marriage but still want to have children. For single fathers, the only choice to have a child is either surrogacy or adoption. And given the high cost of surrogacy, adoption is usually their first choice. It may seem like an unconventional parenting setup, but there are a variety of advantages to having a single father. Here are just a few reasons why Adoption Choices of Missouri thinks you should consider a single father when giving your baby up for adoption. 

Single Fathers have Great Time Management

Sometimes even the most loving couples struggle with time management. Between finding time for each other, their jobs, and their children, they have a plethora of tasks to keep track of. They usually make it work out in the end, but it isn’t without some considerable effort. This results in schedules being a little more disorganized.  

It’s a basic principle: the more complicated something is, the harder it is to manage. While it may seem like single fathers would be kept busy, they are great at keeping a good handle on their schedule. With only their own and soon to be their child’s schedule to worry about, they have learned how to keep their lives well organized. 

Few Fights over Finances

One of the most commonly cited topics of arguments for married couples is money. 2 parents many times means two jobs. Finding a balance that doesn’t frustrate either member of the couple can take months to even years to perfect. Even when there’s only one income, choosing spending money limits and budgeting still provides a hefty challenge. For single fathers, much of the friction is removed from the financial situation. There’s no need to pool money from multiple accounts or hire someone to help figure out complicated tax returns. Plus, less time spent fretting over money is more time spent with your child post-adoption. 

Another advantage single fathers have financially is various government grants and tax breaks that they may apply for. Particularly while the child is young, the father will have the money and time to make sure they can properly care for them. 

Single Fathers Meet Adoption Requirements 

To adopt a child, all adoptive families are required to meet a variety of standards called a home study in Missouri and throughout the U.S. First, they must have all of their forms in order. That means proof of employment, ample yearly income, medical records, IDs, birth certificates, and proof of citizenship. As the name implies, the home study will also examine the father’s home itself. Gates should be on stairs, a first aid kit should be easily available, and plastic covers over electrical outlets. They also check for lead paint, working smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. 

The social worker involved with the home study also conducts an interview with the adoptive father. Common questions include inquiries about their job, their opinions on diversity, their motivations to adopt, and their parenting styles. At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we also have our own standards for adoptive families to meet, such as a requirement for non-discrimination and for parents to always provide healthcare for their children. 

No Competing for Time Between Spouse and Child

Marriages can be shaken up when a child is added to the mix. Of course, their shared care for the child brings them together to an extent. But that doesn’t come without added stress as their attention is now split between caring for each other and caring for their child. When they’re so caught up in the needs of their child, it can be easy to forget about each other’s needs. 

While single parenting certainly isn’t easy either, these fathers don’t have to worry about splitting their family time between their spouse and their child. 

Single Fathers as Adoptive Parents

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to have the best experience finding an adoptive family. Single fathers can provide a great environment for a child. Their time management is among the best and their finances are simple and organized. Plus, there’s more government assistance available to single parents. Single fathers have also met the in-depth requirements for adoptions in Missouri. Want to learn more about adoptive single fathers and building an adoption plan? Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri today! 

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