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Celebrating Mothers & Birth Mothers

Celebrating Mothers & Birth Mothers

By Noah Abrams

It is not easy to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. You may consider adoption, which requires you to create an adoption plan and make important decisions for your child. You will also have to navigate the nuanced journey through your adoption process. Each is specific to the birth mother and many women deal with this obstacle. Adoption is much more prevalent today but has always been difficult to handle alone. Every day, women give birth to children around the world. Whether the child stays with its birth mother or is adopted, mothers should be celebrated. 

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we understand the difficulty of being a parent. We offer private adoption services, recognizing the complexities that come with considering adoption, and ultimately going through with it. Either way, birth mothers and mothers in general need to be celebrated for what they do. It is not an easy task by any means. The love, dedication, and care provided by them should be recognized and acknowledged. A good start to this is celebrating Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day. 

All Mothers Matter in the Adoption Community

Being almost two weeks away, it is important to highlight two very important holidays: Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day. When celebrating a mother-child relationship, biological mothers probably come to mind first. Though true, there is more than just one type of mother. 


The three main types are expectant mothers, birth mothers, and adoptive mothers. All should be valued and honored the same, as they are all important. Expectant mothers are pregnant and expecting their child. Birth mothers intend to place their children with an adoptive family. Adoptive mothers adopt children who aren’t related to them biologically.

Celebrating Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day in the Adoption Community

Because there are different mothers in the world, they all should be celebrated. The spotlight shouldn’t just be placed on one type, but all of them collectively, as they all matter. National Mother’s Day is on May 12, which celebrates all mothers. National Birth Mother’s Day is on May 11, 2024. This day celebrates birth mothers who placed their child with an adoptive family. This is a fairly new holiday, created by birth mothers in Seattle. The goal of establishing this holiday is to highlight and bring awareness to birth mothers.


National Birth Mother’s Day gives the adoptive family and child to show gratitude to the birth mother. Without her, the child being placed with a loving family, and family being blessed with an addition wouldn’t exist. This holiday allows the bond between all three to strengthen, fostering a lasting bond. To honor them, treating this holiday with equal importance to Mother’s Day is helpful. Any gesture of appreciation makes all the difference on their holiday, especially if they don’t see their child often. Know that if you are considering adoption in Missouri, you are just as important as any mother.

Ways to Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day

There are different ways to celebrate Birth Mothers Day. Sending a thoughtful card or message that expresses love and gratitude for the birth mother’s decision is one way. Another way to show appreciation is to host or attend a birth mother event. This offers the chance to bond and connect with others in the community. Donating to a local adoption agency or charity that supports adoption is also helpful. This would be for a good cause and helps to push the community forward. Lastly, sharing your personal adoption journey can be good. This allows you to impact others who have gone through similar experiences. Additionally, you can convey how your adoption journey impacted your life.

Contact Adoption Choices of Missouri To Learn More About Birth Mother’s Day and Adoption

In short, all birth mothers should be equally recognized and acknowledged for the things they do. With both national holidays approaching, show your love and appreciation for all of the mothers in your life. Flowers, a gift, or a simple text or call can mean the world to the world to them. For more information on this or private adoption services, you should partner with reputable adoption agencies in Missouri

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we educate and empower women to get through their adoption journeys. With knowledgeable specialists available 24/7, we are always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Additionally, you can seek support through support groups, private counseling, and your loved ones. Contact us today to get started with your Missouri adoption!