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Celebrating Father’s Day During an Adoption

Celebrating Father’s Day During an Adoption

Father’s Day is coming up. It’s a holiday that celebrates the contributions and acknowledges the struggles of fatherhood for all fatherly figures. Fun fact, Father’s Day was first celebrated in June 1910 after a push from a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. It was then first recognized federally by former President Richard Nixon. The day has a storied history, and birth fathers can celebrate too! It may feel strange to take time for you and your partner while there is always so much to do, but we believe you absolutely deserve some time to celebrate. Adoption Choices of Missouri loves birth fathers and their contributions to families. Here’s just a few ways you can celebrate Father’s Day during an adoption.

  • Get the Birth Father a Thoughtful Gift

Who doesn’t love a good gift? A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Your partner will appreciate any gift knowing that you got it for them specifically. Maybe it’s as big as a date to a restaurant or as small as a simple letter. A gift can also be an act of kindness. Take a turn doing one of his least favorite chores. He will appreciate the extra help.

  • Seeing Your Child Post-Adoption

If you opted for an open adoption, you and your partner could visit the baby after their birth. Seeing your baby happy and healthy after the birth is a nice reassurance that the baby is doing just fine. The birth father also will get to talk to the adoptive family and feel secure in your decision to put your baby up for adoption.

  • Visit a Museum

Is your partner a history buff? Or maybe he is a big fan of art or science? Whatever his interests are, try and find an interesting museum to visit. Not only is a museum a great place for a date, but it’s also a fun way to learn a little more about certain topics. Many local histories and art museums are even free or almost free to visit any time. It’ll be a fun way to spend an afternoon celebrating your partner’s interests.

  • Have Some Fun at Home

Going out is great, but sometimes it’s nice to stay in for the holiday. If you have had an old puzzle that has been lying around dying to get finished, now’s the time to bust it out and get to work on it. If you have a deck of cards, see if you can find some rules online for a new game to learn. Enjoy board games like chess or checkers? Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to sit down and play.

There’s no stay-at-home activity quite like sitting down and watching a movie. Some fathers may like different ideas. Maybe for you, Father’s Day is watching his favorite movie together for the 1,000th time. You could also find a new movie to watch.

  • Get Some Quality Time Together

Sometimes it feels as if everyone is busy all the time. Especially during the adoption process, it can feel almost impossible to carve out some time out of your schedule. This Father’s Day, try to take some time specifically for quality time this year. Go out to a park if the weather’s nice and have a simple little picnic. Go out to eat somewhere you have wanted to go for ages. Or maybe just stay in and cook for the birth father. Whatever it takes to get some quality time, it’ll be worth it to spend some good time with each other.

  • Make and Work on a Bucket List

Father’s Day should be a break from finding unplanned pregnancy options. Making a list of stuff you and your partner want to do reminds you of what’s good in life. Be sure to have achievable goals alongside your lofty ones on your bucket list. Staying at a fancy hotel is a fun goal, but maybe going fishing is a bit more realistic within the next few months. Has your partner wanted to try using that grill in storage but never learned how? Add it to the bucket list! These lists will help keep you motivated and excited for the days to come.

Celebrating Father’s Day during an adoption with the Birth Father in Missouri

Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you and your partner to have a great time celebrating Father’s Day during an adoption. As you work through the adoption process, it’s good to acknowledge and appreciate the birth father’s contributions. Try giving your father a thoughtful gift or visiting a museum this Father’s Day. Watch a movie at home or go have a picnic to spend some quality time together. Make a bucket list to see if you can knock anything off of it. And if you ever want more help with the adoption process or talking to birth fathers, you can give us as call or check out our website at Adoption Choices of Missouri.

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