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Can You Put Your Child Up For Adoption In The Military? 

Can You Put Your Child Up For Adoption In The Military? 

Unplanned pregnancies can happen at any time. Suppose you are a woman who is actively serving or is planning to serve in the military and have recently discovered you are unexpectedly pregnant. In that case, you may be wondering what your options are. Pregnancy can be stressful and overwhelming, but having it be unplanned while being abroad and serving in the military or while being on active duty can add a lot more uncertainty. Adoption Choices of Missouri wants you to know if adoption is the route you feel is the best choice. You can still have complete control and receive support for making decisions in the adoption process. 

The first thing to remember is that you still are allowed all of the same options and control over your pregnancy, as well as the adoption process. So even though the specifics for every adoption process are uniquely designed for each individual to fit their own obstacles, challenges, and desires, the process as a whole looks very similar and will be the same for women in the military. 

  • Reach Out 

The first step is always to reach out and get help and advice from professional resources. On our website, you will find a number and email to get in touch with representatives who can help you throughout the entire adoption process, from early pregnancy all the way to post-birth support. Finding out as much information as you can about the adoption process and all of the things to consider when deciding what you want is a crucial first step, but can also quickly become overwhelming, which leaves women often feeling pressured, stressed, and unsure of what to do. Reaching out to get professional help is the best way to ensure that you are getting the correct information and are on the right path to choosing the best adoption route for you and your baby. You can also read the tabs on our website, which provide information regarding what to do after immediately finding out you’re pregnant, how to make an adoption plan, different types of adoptions, choosing the right family, what to do when the baby arrives, and getting support after the baby is born. 

  • Choose A Type of Adoption 

After being paired with an adoption representative to help you create an adoption plan, the next step is to research and decide on what type of adoption you want. A common misconception with adoption is that you give the child away once you have the baby and never see the baby again. Many people don’t know that that’s one of many adoption routes to take. Suppose you feel that you do not want any contact with the baby or adoptive family in a closed adoption. In that case, you can remain anonymous and have no relationship with the baby or family at any point in the pregnancy and after giving birth. On the other hand, if you decide that you would like to establish a relationship with your baby and keep in contact with the adoptive family, you may go with open adoption. This way, the family knows who you are and is able to keep in contact with you after the baby is born. Relationships between the birth mother and adoptive family vary as some are very close and keep in touch often, whereas others work together to create set boundaries and times where the birth mother can see the baby. 

  • Choose A Family 

After choosing what type of adoption you feel most comfortable with, the next step is to choose an adoptive family. There are so many different types of women, men, or couples who are eagerly awaiting to adopt a child, each of them having their own individual reasons for giving your baby up for adoption, background, family scenarios, and more to definitely consider when choosing the family you want to place your child with. If you are opting for open adoption, this is a very important decision as you will be in contact and build some level of a relationship with the family as you still get to have updates, pictures, or even visits with the baby. You want to choose a family you feel comfortable with and feel will give your child the best life possible. This is a decision that requires a lot of thought and cannot be rushed. It can also be a very emotional decision as the adoption process starts to begin more real. 

  • Have Support 

Lastly, and very importantly, make sure you are setting yourself with a strong support system throughout and after the adoption process. While it may be the best decision for you, it can still be very emotional and draining. Pregnancy comes with a lot of hardships, and adding adoption into the mix can make things even more challenging. Having friends and family around you that are helpful, listen, non-judgemental, supportive, and considerate is very important. Adoption Choices of Missouri can also connect you with counseling to give you professional support during the process. You can also look on our website at blogs and testimonials to read about women who share similar experiences and their journey with adoption to feel less alone and more empowered in your decision. 

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