Birth Mothers and the Missouri Adoption Triad

Birth Mothers and the Missouri Adoption Triad

The relationships in our lives help shape us into who we are today. It is through these bonds that we learn fundamental life lessons and grow into our own identities. When it comes tobirth mothers and the Missouri adoption triad, the connections between each party can look many different ways.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, our goal is to support you through each step of your adoption journey. This includes providing you assistance as you navigate the waters of relationship-building and communication within your adoption.

What is an Adoption Triad?

An adoption triad refers to the groups of people that are directly involved in an adoption: the birth mother, the adoptive family and the adoptee. If you think about your adoption as a narrative, these are your three main characters. No matter which type of adoption you choose, each of these groups will have a lasting impact on the others.

Relationships between Birth Mothers and Adoptees

To you, the adoptee is your birth child and you are their birth mother. Depending on the type of adoption you choose to have, your relationship with your birth child may look many different ways.

For example, should you decide on an open adoption, you and your child will remain connected through varied forms of communication. These can include letters, emails and in person meetings. Your child will grow up with a strong understanding of who you are and will be able to ask any questions that might arise as they grow older.

If you choose to have a semi-open or a closed adoption, you may not remain in touch with your child. While this means that you will have a different relationship with them than in an open adoption, it doesn’t mean that you are not connected. Your child will still be a part of your life story, a connecting piece in the adoption triad.

Relationships between Birth Mothers and Adoptive Families

Relationships between birth mothers and their child’s adoptive families, both pieces of the adoption triad, are unique to their situation. A large factor in determining the type of relationship you will have with your child’s adoptive family is what type of adoption you select.

In an open adoption, you and your child’s adoptive family will decide on what kind of communication feels best for you. You can keep in touch only to arrange meetings and communication with your child, or you might choose to be more involved with each other. It is up to both parties to discuss what feels right.

In a semi-open or closed adoption, you likely won’t have an ongoing relationship with your child’s adoptive family. While you will still have the option of selecting your child’s adoptive family, you won’t be building a relationship with them post placement.

Relationships between Adoptive Families and Adoptees

The relationship between adoptive families and adoptees, two pieces of the adoption triad, is the one that remains similar despite the type of adoption you choose. The adoptive family becomes the legal guardians of the adoptee as soon as all the documents are signed.

At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we have an extensive collection of portfolios for potential adoptive families. You will be able to browse through these before you select the right match for your child. No matter your choice, it is helpful to remember that adoptive families and adoptees are just loving families. Adoptive families care and love for their children just as any family would.

Build Your Missouri Adoption Triad

In order to form your own adoption triad, you will need to select an adoptive family. Our adoption agency will pair you with an adoption specialist who can help you through this part of your journey. Remember, there is not only one path forbirth mothers and the Missouri adoption triad. Your adoption triad and the relationships you form with each member of it will be unique and special to you.

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