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Birth Mother Bill of Rights for Adoption in Missouri

Birth Mother Bill of Rights for Adoption in Missouri

Are you currently pregnant in Missouri? Have you been considering adoption for your child? If this is you, then you’re probably going to want to continue reading! An adoption is a great option. It gives you the ability to take the reins and make important decisions for your child’s future. If you’re wondering what rights you have as a birth mother, you came to the right place. Adoption Choices of Missouri has put together a Birth Mother Bill of Rights.

1. You have the right to consider adoption as an option for you and your child without any pressure. When choosing adoption, be sure to keep this in mind. People may have opinions about what they think you should do. However, the decision is completely yours. No one has the right to choose for you or even coerce you into making a certain decision.  

2. You have the right to create your personalized adoption plan.  Creating your Missouri adoption plan is your way of coming up with a game plan for your adoption. It includes all of your preferences and wishes that you would like carried out during your adoption journey. This may be helpful for those in your support system to have a clear guide of what you want your adoption to include.  

3. You have the right to choose your child’s adoptive family.  Choosing the adoptive family is something that is completely your decision to make. Keep in mind that choosing an adoptive family will only be possible depending on the type of adoption you have. If you choose an open adoption or semi-open adoption, you do have the right to know the names, contact information, and other details about the adoptive parents.

  4. You have the right to choose adoption through an adoption agency or private adoption. This decision is completely yours to make. You can choose adoption through an adoption agency in Missouri, such as Adoption Choices of Missouri. There are certainly benefits to using an adoption agency. You also have the choice to do a private adoption where an agency is not involved in the process at all.

5. You have a right to choose to receive counseling.  The adoption journey may bring about various emotions and feelings. It is not uncommon for many women to receive counseling during the adoption process or even post-adoption. You certainly have the right to seek counseling services if you feel like you may need them.

6. You have the right to receive financial assistance for the adoption.  This financial assistance may be for hospital fees, fees during your pregnancy, living expenses, etc. Financial assistance may also be available after your pregnancy and adoption to help you get back on your feet.  

7. You have the right to create a birth plan or hospital plan. Creating a birth plan is similar to an adoption plan. It allows for certain details and wishes to be expressed when you are at the hospital and about to give birth. You can even include which hospital you would like to give birth at.  

8. You have the right to name your child after giving birth. The name you gave your child may be special to you. However, it is important to remember that the adoptive parents do have the right to change their child’s name once the adoption is finalized.  

9. You have the right to see your child before you place them up for adoption. Seeing your child before placing him or her up for adoption is based on personal preference. Some birth mothers do not want to see their child before adoption, while others do. This decision is based solely on what you are comfortable with. Seeing your child before adoption also includes seeing them at the hospital.  

10. You have the right to change your mind about the adoption before a judge makes it official. The adoption process may not always be the easiest. You may feel very confident in your decision for adoption, or you may be questioning it a bit. It is important to know that you have the right to change your mind about placing your child up for adoption. However, once a judge legalizes the adoption, you no longer have the ability to change your mind.

Adoption in Missouri Is An Option

As a birth mother, it’s important to remember that an adoption is always an option. Whether you are just learning, you’re pregnant, or whether you are going to give birth soon. These rights still apply to you as a birth mother. If you still have questions about any other rights you may have as a birth mother, reach out to Adoption Choices of Missouri. We are here to help make sure that your adoption journey is easy and memorable.

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