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Are Birth Fathers Forgotten in Missouri Adoptions?

Are Birth Fathers Forgotten in Missouri Adoptions?

By Katiara Potter

In Missouri, giving a child up for adoption may be stressful. Having to make important decisions for yourself and your child is never easy. The process may seem more complicated when considering how the birth father fits into the equation. If he’s not part of the process, he may be unknown, or unsupportive. Assuming that the birth father is part of the process, he could play a large role in the adoption process. If you’re considering adoption, you may want to know the birth father’s role in Missouri adoptions. What rights does the birth father have in Missouri adoptions? Are the birth fathers forgotten in the adoption process? At Adoption Choices of Missouri, we know this process can be hard for you. Please contact one of our counselors or specialists if you need support. 

What is the Birth Father’s Role in Missouri Adoptions?

A birth father’s role in a Missouri adoption is completely up to the birth mother and birth father. The birth father can play a large role in the process or play no role in the process. The best thing an expectant mother can do is talk to the birth father about his role in the process. Especially if you would like him to be a part of the process. Maybe the birth father doesn’t understand the adoption process.

You can always explain your reasoning for placing your child up for adoption to him. Discuss the benefits of adoption and why you think it would benefit your child. A counselor or specialist at Adoption Choices of Missouri is also available to provide information to the birth father. The birth father’s role in the adoption process is just as important as the role of the birth mother. Birth fathers may have many responsibilities in the adoption process. Some of these responsibilities may include: 

Providing Support to the Birth Mother

Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy can be tough. It’s helpful if a pregnant mother has a good support system. Birth fathers can be essential to the birth mother’s support network. Birth fathers can help birth mothers make important decisions in the adoption process. They can also be there for the delivery of the child if the birth mother allows. If the birth father is part of the adoption process, it’s important to communicate with him. Keep him up-to-date on any major developments or emergencies in the process.

Helping with the Adoption Plan

Birth fathers can help the birth mother make decisions on many issues in the adoption process. One of these issues would be picking out an adoptive family. Another issue would be selecting the type of adoption you want to have. This can include open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption. 

Seeking Emotional Support 

The adoption process can be overwhelming for birth parents. Since tough decisions are being made, it would be beneficial for birth parents to receive emotional support and counseling. The birth father needs these resources just like the birth mother. Birth fathers may appear strong but could be suffering silently. Adoption Choices of Missouri offers emotional support and counseling during and after adoption. We can help provide support and assistance as you adjust to life after your child is adopted. Adoption agencies near you can also help provide support and assistance.

What Are the Rights of a Birth Father in Missouri Adoptions?

If the birth father protests your child’s adoption or is unsupportive, it may complicate things. The birth father can show that he has the means to support himself and the child, and he can gain custody. If he fails to show that he can support the child, it will be impossible for him to gain custody. In this event, you can continue with the adoption process. Even if the birth father shows that he can provide for the child, nothing is final. You can continue with the adoption process. If the father of your child is unsupportive, it is best to talk to him about your decision. Talking things out with the birth father may make him see things your way. Communicating with him can help both of you get on the same page. 

If the birth father is unknown or admittedly doesn’t want to be included in the process, the adoption can continue. In Missouri, when the birth father is unknown, his consent for the adoption is not needed. Adoption Choices of Missouri can identify, locate, and contact a birth father if the birth mother wants. If we can’t locate the birth father, the adoption can continue as planned.

What role the birth father plays in the adoption process is between you and him. If you want him to be a part of the process, communicate your feelings and decisions to him. Not having the birth father in the adoption process is stressful. It’s difficult making important decisions by yourself. If you need help making these decisions, Adoption Choices of Missouri can assist you. We know what this process is like. We’re here for you. Call us toll-free at 877-903-4488 or, in Missouri call or text us at 816-527-9800